The Collapse of Cathie Wood’s Process

laatste update: 09-2022

In this video, we’ll give your our thoughts on Cathie Wood & ARKK (Ark Innovation ETF), as well as why value investing can be a lonely road in the midst of hype and “disruption” (EVs, meme stocks, crypto, etc.)

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30 gedachten over “The Collapse of Cathie Wood’s Process”

  1. Ummm It did go to 4000? It did a 5 to 1 split. You showed a price of $800 which is exactly 4000$ lmao. You’re just as bad as every other investment guru with poor research. How are you making so many Tesla videos and didn’t even follow them in 2020 😂

  2. I invested heavy in Cathy woods now I am down 40% on my largest holding but it is too late I have to wait and watch I like your videos but I also think she is smart and the market as a whole is not doing well anyway so it is hard to tell

  3. 😀l am so happy my financial life has totally changed ever since I ventured into stock investment. Ive been earning over $18,000 dollars every single week.

  4. If you shorted ARKK at its high you would almost have a 4-bagger!

  5. Could you make a comparison between Tesla and Volkswagen or Daimler ?

  6. This channel is so evil. They trash almost everyone who disagrees with their teaching. Why can't they just swim in their own lane, run in their own path, and stop criticizing people who do not practice value investing? I am out and unsubscribed. Karma will bite one day for being so evil for calling people stupid, clown, not very bright, and curse collapse business. An online bully!

  7. You guys convinced me of the stupidity of owning ARKK when it was “going to the moon” I finally sold at a nice profit when it was around $135 a share.
    EM didn’t save me from one bad investment but helped change my mindset on investing.

    I was also unaware of how much stress investing gave me until I got out of all my hype stocks and gained a better understanding of value.
    So thanks Paul, Mo, and uncle Seth!

  8. goodness. this video is from August 16 and you post 10 days later? how many videos are pumping out for views? lol.

  9. it’s embarrassing that you try to use a clip in the back of cathie wood predicting tesla price to 4k while shitting on the stock. Clearly these dude don’t do any research cause that clip is pre any splits and the stock had long surpassed 4k years before she said it would. She’s def has 10x more misses than hits, but the clear lack of research discredits eveything you have to say here 🤷🏻‍♂️🤷🏻‍♂️🤷🏻‍♂️

  10. Gotta love the comments about Jim Cramer. He is a clown. Along with all the others in the CNBC 3-ring circus.

  11. Paul should do a challenge to Cathie Wood as you did with Jeremy. I happen to like Jeremy and he does invest in the stocks he believes in on a regular basis. Cathie Wood does not invest she gambles and how she has a fund in which anyone would give her a $1 is beyond comprehension. I agree with you about Cramer another fish out of water that flip flops every day same as Cathie.

  12. Cathie Wood said Tesla will grow 50% annually for the next 10 years making it the largest company in the world at about 100 Trillion. Paul, you should do that math for us and do a reaction video to her recent Tesla video.

  13. 1 of the reasons I love your videos Paul is because of your honesty! "Jim Cramer is a moron" , TRUE! Cathie Woods is "A terrible stock picker" , Also True!!!! Keep up the great work my friend !!!!

  14. Absolutely no excuse for an ACTIVELY MANAGED fund to -73% from all time high. You can't chop it up any other way other than you actively managed and did it to yourself. ARK needs to take a hard look at its risk management and maybe rewrite some things about the fund prospectus. I Wish Cathie and ARK the best

  15. Do the ETF – 8 Pillars. I would go on long term investment, starting with 500$ and adding 250$ each semester

  16. I didn’t know you were showing a clip at the beginning and I thought my audio wasn’t matching 😂

  17. Hr past performance has made hr feel invisible. Hr over confidence is now hr weakness..

  18. Only matter of time before hr ETF’s are discontinued. Rule number 1 stay away from crowded followers.

  19. Where sh# get hr projected growth numbers from. Plucks then out of thin air. Lot what sh# predicts is miss leading and delusional grandeur. Sh# has stakes in DNA, $5 Billion market cap with what $200 million sales. Following hr is like pouring money down the drain. sh# has high conviction on Coinbase, again delusional grandeur. Yet another pump and dump.. Teledoc another, list goes on and on..

  20. Where sh# get hr numbers from.. Plucks them out if thin air. Conviction in Coinbase, DNA, market cap $5 Billion revenue $200 million. Teledoc another high conviction. List goes on and on, pump and dump stocks, like pouring money down the drain.

  21. Crowded trades course herd mentality which ignites overinflated market caps 😬

  22. Tesla overpriced.. A Down turn will result in unsold EV’s as people tighten their belts. Besides don’t underestimate Zee Germans and Japanese, competition is catching up. Tesla is an over crowded stock..

  23. Awesome! your potential seems timeless.* Understanding your financial needs and chalking out a plan remains the smart way to prepare for the unexpected. 11yrs in investing space and extremely pleased with the decision I made. The good news is — it’s not too late

  24. i really start to wonder if Paul can make an argument about something without insulting someone.
    Wood might be wrong about everything, but still some respect between people is not a bad thing…

  25. I don’t see the benefit of YouTubers bagging other people/investors. What is the point? Stick to your own lane and keep yo solid content. This type of rant undermines your hard work.

  26. "TELSA TO 4$K!!" – Do people actually believe that an electric car company is worth $4 trillion when it's profit margin isn't even 15%? People are insane and it proves most people don't have a clue what they're doing during a bull market.

  27. I’m gonna remember this! You are going on record buddy!

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