The Chiefs are (probably) DONE with Kadarius Toney

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30 gedachten over “The Chiefs are (probably) DONE with Kadarius Toney”

  1. That KT was so angry, bitter and unhinged THE DAY AFTER HIS CHILD WAS BORN is incredibly concerning.

  2. Hes not gonna play and probably time to move on . He will be remembered for the super bowl punt return.

  3. He definitely should not play in the Super Bowl. However, I’m not ready to give up on KT yet. I am willing to give him one last regular season with us but if he plays in that regular season like he did this one he needs to go. Sometimes people have bad years, not condoning what he said on that live. But personally, even though I’m not quite ready to trust him again I’m not ready to give up on him yet.

  4. Please no , I hate putting the man down but I hope he doesn’t . He’s a great athlete but he needs more practice

  5. Don’t play his ass since he wants to act up if he does dress out don’t put him in the gane

  6. We've been winning every since he's been "injured" and off the field.. so please keep him off for the superbowl

  7. I dont care if he play or not. I just hope the chiefs win.

  8. He will likely never play another down for any team after this. Sealed fate

  9. We all remember some good plays he made,but even a stopped clock will tell the correct time twice each day. That doesn’t mean it works‼️

  10. gots to go..dude is very childish he couldnt let the giants situation go smh nothing but drama with this kid

  11. Toney is done for the Chiefs and the NFL. Maybe he can find a job in the CFL.

  12. People didn’t believe in deflate gate either but it happened

  13. And the eagles lied about Jalen hurts we could all c he was hurt yet nobody said anything causing gamblers to loose money because he was not healthy so yea teams lie more than u think

  14. From Super Bowl 57 hero to a self-centered whiner. Man has this guy falling far.

  15. Depends on who they would have to keep off the 53 man roster. Deon Bush whobi love as a special teamer and i love at safety got that int last week to keep the ravens from closing the score gap. That would be my concern with him coming back at this point as well as his ability to contribute. He may be at a restricted number of plays. I feel for the man tho

  16. Believe me , no team want his ass . Inconsistent loud mouth when things not going his way. Let him dress up standing sideline in SB, but don’t play him , teach him not to run his mouth

  17. With his attitude towards the Chiefs organization that he revealed in his Instagram, he’d be a liability in the field.
    What team would want him seeing how he mouths off like that?
    He would have been better off getting an offer from another team if he was out for an injury, rather than being benched because the team doesn’t trust his ability or his intentions.

  18. Hopefully the guy grows up. He’s an unbelievable athlete but there’s no career where you can behave that way publicly and expect to keep your job

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