The Chiefs are CALLING teams about trading UP! Kelce manhandles Jimmy Fallon, JuJu’s CATCH & more

laatste update: 05-2022

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0:00 – Top Chiefs Gameday Photos
1:15 – Juju’s GREAT Catch and offseason training
1:54 – Chiefs short mini-docs on Humphrey and Bolton
2:19 – Jimmy Fallon’s CRAZY shot, Mahomes and Kelce react
4:29 – Mahomes at NBA game
4:59 – Olave mocked to the Chiefs and more
7:31 – 10 LOCAL draft prospects to watch
8:59 – Chiefs are CALLING teams about trading up
10:51 – People watching from EVERYWHERE
– Comments/Q&A Portion –
11:31 – Trade up for Jameson Williams?
12:02 – Top comments from yesterday
12:41 – Fan delivers Mike Garrett’s mail
12:55 – Chiefs connections I have

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30 gedachten over “The Chiefs are CALLING teams about trading UP! Kelce manhandles Jimmy Fallon, JuJu’s CATCH & more”

  1. Love this channel! Allways tuning in, great content and keep up the work! Best regards from a fellow Chiefsfan from Sweden!

  2. Let go babes. Sounds 👍 like something hank strange would say. Keep throwing coal on the fire brett 😆lol

  3. Tick tick tick…all 32 teams on the clock. How many "oh, I didn't see that coming" moments will we have. Happy NFL Draft Eve. Thanks Cole! The aftermath may be entertaining for the talking heads talking about how they got it right or how wrong they were. HBTC!

  4. Veach has mentioned focus on defence this draft and receivers a distant 2nd. Go chiefs and go Cole. Had enough regarding this so called experts and their mocks. Moving on lol 😆 😅

  5. Cole how about a future "Man Cave" Chiefs episode? Show us your pride/loyalty thing? Just a thought. Show your Chiefs Kingdom side!

  6. I personally hope we take an edge rusher with our first overall pick. I think we might end up moving up with both of our first round picks though.

  7. Rookie receiver has never been more valuable given the recent contracts. Williams on a rookie deal with Mahomes in his prime? 🔥

  8. Don't listen to mock drafts… Its just NFL click bait. Although i do like the idea of taking back to back defensive pics at 29 and 30! Then use some capital to trade up in the 2nd round to get the best available receiver.

  9. Yes I'm happy to see Alex Smith participate in anything especially when he does it with the jeeps. Used to be my favorite Kansas City chief and still own a jersey of his vet will be in a frame instead of on my back

  10. I watched those shorts and as Creed Humphrey is my new favorite Chief and Nick Bolton a very close number three I was loving it

  11. They are fun for a while but they get started too early and then we get overwhelmed with them and I like to spend draft week just kicking back and doing my restful thought processes for our team as well as everyone else's. Stop putting up mock drafts on Friday before draft week please guys

  12. There are hundreds of possibilities and it just depends on whether everyone stays put to get the guy they want or if they want to trade with us and possibly get more picks to build their roster. I am just interested in having cold drink and seeing how things play out all weekend

  13. I am with You Cole, that would be such a disheartening and impalable move to make. If we move up it would be for an end or a wide receiver that we love

  14. We don't need all these injured players on our roster we need impact players straight away and then we'll see what's what for development and guys that are healing up

  15. Yes we love Byron Pringle yes he made a mistake and yes I'm certain that his suffering will be immense for him. But he will be fine I wish him all the best

  16. I watched the Chiefs as a youngster and in the '70s and '80s got to know some of the players from different things and different stuff that was going on in the world at the time. Always good to know there are big fans all over the world that are part of our Chief's Kingdom

  17. Tired of all the mock drafts as well! I think we will go more defense this draft maybe with a linemen thrown in. I don’t see us moving up in the draft in less they truly want someone that bad. I think we are good offensively wise to be completely honest.

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