The calm before the playoff STORM… Q&A Hangout

Let’s talk about the playoffs, Chiefs injuries, Circle Huddle Drama and more
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How Bout Those Chiefs – I (Cole) am a Kansas City local (born and raised) who made this channel simply because I love the Kansas City Chiefs. NFL is the only sport I watch and I’ve always been a fan! No bandwagon here! My goal is to report on news and interesting stories regarding the the team and players during season and also in the off season. Like and Subscribe for more!

24 gedachten over “The calm before the playoff STORM… Q&A Hangout”

  1. Divide(Responsibilities), and Conquer(Chiefs YT)!! Yaaaaaas, Cole!

  2. Who else thinks the Stafford commercial with the boy and his dad doing the birds and bees talk is cringe aF??!

  3. How does the chiefs play if Miami and Baltimore both win????

  4. I’ll help you run it bro plus I wanna invite you to my charity event daddy daughter dance Feb 4th 5-7

  5. Why worrie about Clyde when all other 3 Running backs are on fire.

  6. It crazy I think you are face of kc chiefs fan on YouTube. I know you haven’t done this for long nor were you the first. But you have that it factors where the other really don’t. Kinda like Tom Grossi is face of YouTube packer fan or scooter is face of the cowboy fan. With Prena being the face of Denver. They something their channel that has that’s it factor and you have it too.

  7. ??? Have you heard or seen any news regarding Bienemy getting an interview for a head coaching position?

  8. Cole, you should try the OTC supplement Glucosamine Chondroitin. Three days and your knee pain should subside. I had a similar problem a few years ago. It was so bad I couldn't sleep at night. After three days taking the medication, I was pain free and have been ever since. Of course, I take it every day.

  9. It's hilarious that when you mentioned podcast communities such as RGR and KCSN there was no mention of "chat sports"!!! Hell I'd rather listen to Scrambling Armchair 10 times over chat sports!! Funny thing is that chat sports was the very first podcast for the Chiefs that I listened too. From there I went to KCSN and they turned me onto RGR and RGR turned me onto HBTC and Scrambling Armchair. And now I listen to a few more occasionally, but not habitually like my top 3 (HBTC, RGR and KCSN)!!!

  10. The best chair, is one without a back. It puts your back in its natural curve.

  11. Having Bengals and Bills beat each other up, some injuries, then play Chiefs at arrowhead against Bengals could work favorably for Chiefs.

  12. I don't like the idea of playing any of these teams in the afc. All good or sneaky good.

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