The Best VR Headsets of 2022 + 2023 | VR Buying Guide

What Virtual Reality Headset should you buy? Or should you wait for the upcoming ones like the new Project Cambria , Apples VR Headset and the Playstation VR2 (PSVR 2) ? #virtualreality #headsets #best

In this video I try to give you guys a comprehensive overview / buying guide for exisiting headsets of this year 2022 and also upcoming ones that are probably about to launch towards 2023.

0:30 Meta Quest 2
3:30 Project Cambria Headset
3:50 Valve Index
5:14 Sony Playstation VR (PSVR)
6:15 PSVR 2
6:40 HTC Vive Pro 2
7:57 HP Reverb G2
9:35 HTC Vive Cosmos Elite
11:02 Apple VR Headset

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  1. I think you should include criticism about facebooks approach to dominate and use peoples data here… its heavily funded to outcompete

  2. thing with valve index if im just wanting it for idk DCS or racing games do i need the base stations or the controllers? or do i really need all of them to immediately not be using anything but the headset? or is cameras and controllers only for standing games?

  3. Hey @ 100 Technologies… where did the HP Reverb G-2 @8:14 get its 140 Degree FOV from? I'm asking if I missed anything as I don't own one, but I'm in the Market for a higher FOV VR Headset. The HP webpage declares the FOV as 98 Degrees…

  4. meta quest 2 is 424 dollar wtf happend in 4 months atleast in my country.

  5. I own a meta quest 2 but it's basically broken. Got it last year. It glitches constantly when I turn it on to the point that I can't even get to the home screen. Not even being able to draw the guardian boundaries draw before it glitches and has a meltdown.

  6. Honestly anything to do with meta is a big nope for me mostly because if you get banned from facebook you wont he able to use the head set after that despite paying 300 bucks for it.

  7. Best headset for someone who is new to VR but wants to connect to the Steam and pc?

  8. 1:29 First : The Meta Quest 2
    3:53 Second : Valve Index
    5:12 Third : Sony PlayStation VR
    6:40 Forth : HTC VIVE Pro 2
    7:57 Five : HP Reverb G2
    9:35 Six : HTC VIIVE Cosmos Elite
    10:52 End : Talks About apple product and TO BE RELESED headsets

  9. FYI, Cas from Cas and Chary VR stole a good portion of your script from this video. I watched yours first and watched her right after and thought it sounded familiar… sure enough, her intro is almost word to word what you said. Figured you'd want to know.

  10. I had the original Cosmos and it was alright. The outside camera tracking was annoying because my house is very dark, and the controllers took batteries instead of having rechargeables, but it was fun to play with.

  11. Umm so was number one supposed to be the best? or was this in no imparticular order which means they just listed off all the VR Headsets.

  12. Gotta say I despise the "meta initiative" as far as how they want to use it not to mention the vr market are idiots to focus on standalone headsets and with hinder the vr market

  13. Kinda wish you release more specs/data. fps, resolution, type of display, etc.

  14. So I got a confusing question hopefully I word this right… I don't have a PC nor playstation what are my options? Also which would have the most and better games? Anything helps thank you in advance

  15. Has anyone tried sex and/or porn? Wife and I are seriously curious.

  16. The quest 2 is the best if you have good wifi cause you have quest 2 only games plus pcvr

  17. I will never buy again oculus you will be abonded right after new model relese dont buy this

  18. as much as I hate facebook, the quest 2 is truly a master piece!. Not too expensive and the graphics are higher enough!

  19. My issue is there’s so many different kinds and I want something that’s easy to use fair price but high quality games I had the first ps vr and there was so many wires it was annoying but some headsets have only certain good games

  20. Seeing the meta quest price listed at $299 in this video and then discovering it would actually cost me $630aud is truly devastating

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