The Best Opportunity To 20X Your Internet Computer Icp Crypto

The Best Opportunity To 20X Your Internet Computer Icp Crypto. There has only been a few months where the Internet Computer has been at a lower price which was when Btc was at $15k and now that Btc has almost doubled in price since then we don’t have to worry about another bottom unless a black swan event happens like in 2019. I believe the internet comupter will be at a solid $100 by mid to late 2024.
This is my conservative price target.

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Disclaimer; For entertainment purposes only not financial advice at all and always do your own research before investing your money into
Cryptocurrencies of any kind you can lose money if you don’t understand what the market is doing.

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  2. Hi brother renegade hope you and loved ones are well.
    A question I am sure you get asked a lot there’s roughly 700,000 communitie we have new people ask how much icp should one have in the Nns as you know from our previous conversation I own 2000 in the nns till 2030 as you said in this video your in the 2000 gang or near that is well.
    If one million of our community members wanted just say 2000 icp that’s 2 billion icp lol fortunately there isn’t that kind of supply.

    I don’t think there’s enough icp when the mass catch on imagine there 7 million community and just say a billion icp that’s 130 per each person as you know that doesn’t work some with have few icp some will have 1000s the answer I personally don’t know how much each person should have rational anwser is it’s personal pefrencs no one knows what tommrow holds and each person’s personal sercimstances.

    Anyway my brother stay well have a great day love my brothers video and victor and sixfigs video brother invest there own time and energy for the community wish I was good at making videos would have joined you brothers. Takecare kind regards.

  3. My ICP bag started in April 2023 3000 ICP until Dec 2024 and hit dissolve. From my understanding the last 6mths of dissolve I won't receive any ICP. I could have earned a little more ICP if I had it staked for half that time then hit dissolve at the end. Anyways, once I sell I'll stay out of the market until 2026/27 and buy in again… rinse and repeat the strategy, I think I'll accumulate the most ICP this way… I do have a small bag of 150 ICP staked for 8 yrs gain appox 2 icp a mth right now, I can always add to the bag at anytime.

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