The Art of Bitcoin with Max Keiser (WiM264)

Max Keiser (aka “the high priest of Bitcoin”) is an American broadcaster and filmmaker. He joins me for an in-depth conversation on the artistic and transformative aspects of Bitcoin, and why he praises El Salvador.

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00:00:00 “What is Money?” Intro Music
00:00:08 “What is Money?” Intro Message
00:01:40 Do More with Your Digital Assets with Ledn
00:02:24 Introducing Max and His Book, “The Book of Max”
00:04:46 Metaphysical Aspects of Bitcoin And How It Influences People
00:08:44 First Orange Pilled Country
00:09:19 Discovery of Absolute Scarcity
00:10:19 How Bitcoin Confounds Language
00:12:13 Frictionless Price Discovery and Bitcoin’s Singularity
00:15:45 Revolution in Human Consciousness Through Hyper Bitconization
00:21:56 Subconscious Knowledge Used For Negative Purposes
00:24:31 Finding Redemption of Humanity In Nature
00:26:58 Take Control of Your Healthcare with CrowdHealth
00:28:00 A Bitcoin Wallet with Privacy Built-In: Wasabi Wallet
00:28:35 A Chance To Win Discounted Tickets to The Bitcoin 2023 Conference and 10M SATS
00:29:32 Hold Bitcoin is the Most Secure Custody Model with Casa
00:30:20 The Art of Perfect Sound Money and Its Impact on The World
00:36:32 Bulwark Against a Growing Cascade of Interlocking And Reinforcing Problems
00:38:03 The Sistine Chapel of Money And Its Transformative Effects
00:41:22 What Happens When You Open Your Mind To The Universe
00:46:33 Unifying Force For Humanity
00:47:08 The Great Story In 2023 And 2024
00:49:13 A Tool That Empowers Self-Authorship and Self-Creation
00:49:53 What’s Happening in El Salvador From The Legal Standpoint
00:54:42 Advice For People Wanting To Move To El Salvador
00:58:15 Where to Find Max’s Work
00:59:44 “What is Money?” Outro

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30 gedachten over “The Art of Bitcoin with Max Keiser (WiM264)”

  1. Seems to me that Bitcoin isn't being used for what it was intended to be, a decentralized unit of exchange. Seems that most are purchasing it as a speculative asset, buy low sell high, with and then back into dollars.

    The Bitcoin community should just agree to begin exchanging BTC at a value of $0.01 per satoshi OR $1,000,000 per BTC. Forget all this coupling to a supply and demand algorithm on exchanges. Otherwise it will never become fully adopted and widely used as a unit of exchange, because the price will be to volatile.

    So, we should all just begin doing that. Miners should sell for $0.01 per satoshi, we should purchase at $0.01 per satoshi and then we should exchange for goods and services at $0.01 per satoshi.

    BTC should begin being treated like a stable coin. If BTC remains coupled to these exchange supply demand algorithms it will NEVER be used for its intended purpose.

  2. Your Truth is not the Immutable Empathy of everyone else's Truth. You should be more Bitcoin.

    Just saying 🙂

  3. Bitcoin came from SETI!?

    It is more rational and probabilistic that Bitcoin came from the expansion of PI.

    PI has infinite Data, it's it's not waiting for real time receipt and doesn't prescribed the existence of Aliens to have advanced to a point where they would fully understand our world and target a need to sneek in the prerequisites of code to create Bitcoin.

    occam's razor and the prisoners dilemma.

  4. I’ve followed Max for years. This was the weirdest and worst interview I’ve heard. What a shame to scare of potential new followers

  5. OMG! I love this concept of quantum manifestation and Bitcoin! Deep conversation! Like a shamanic coversation 🙏🔥❤️

  6. At 42:00 max talks about the power of beauty to transform ones values. His having seen a piece of artwork that transforms him any time he mentally revisits the image. Reminds me of the power of love, and every time i recall a personal encounter with Divine love and being at that moment totally owned.

  7. Bitcoin is in some ways comparable to christ but it isnt christ. It cant save you or fix you eternally. For max, it is an idol. Nobody is moving to El Salvador. Its a country overrun by gangs being controlled by a gangster in a suit. Get real Max

  8. It's all about the good vs the bad, the bitcoin vs the shitcoin, the freedom vs the slavery.. Metaphysics brought into this reality. Thanks guys!

  9. One reason Bitcoin is so powerful because it's written in the the language of Mathematics, which is pure truth. The language is trusted, because numbers don't lie. This truth and pure honesty, is the only weapon we have against the evil, well established empire of endlessly repeating the Ponzi-scheme Fiat money System. This was one of the biggest reasons that only the rich became richer. Bitcoin allows the poor people to become their own Banks, and not be enslaved by big greedy and crooked central banks. They just print free money for themselves. The IRS is a privately owned company. Bitcoin is freedom !

  10. Always good to hear such heavyweights in Bitcoin metaphysical thought! Love this episode!! My personal fascination began with the realisation that all aspects of human life, culture and consciousness are ultimately about the values we perceive. Our unconscious, emotions, instincts, pi/square roots/mathematical ratios in the classical arts, and the religious ideas of the superconscious are subjective, and irrational. Objectivity, empirical science, general math and our ego consciousness are rationalistic principles. To me, bitcoin transcends both subjective and objective notions of irrational and rational values. And hearing Max and Stacey’s thesis on value and price discovery immediately struck a profound cord. That was my orange pill moment.

  11. The "incorruptible substance" and "philosopher's Stone" that is spoken of is something that we create within ourselves predicated upon our understanding of hidden knowledge about how to use our sexuality in the way of purity which allows certain chemical processes to take place within the body and also within the mind of the person who brings themselves back and away from the psychological adulteration of which we have long been subject to in countless and many even subconscious ways throughout Society. Humanity has been made to worship exoteric symbology of the esoteric knowledge and to look outside of themselves to worship anthropomorphised Energies within and potential archetypes within each of us that when understood how to work with allow us to create that heightened state of being (christification/christ/krishna/etc) within ourselves, as is taught through many layers of esoteric symbology over and over throughout the holy books irrespective of particular religion. .. …

  12. Think what you can do for your country. The Peace Corp. one of the world’s most Marxist Leninist organizations.

  13. Well done boys great job 💯 great chat about the psychological connection with bitcoin❤

  14. "If money is doing its job well, we are completely unaware of it". -MK

  15. The Holy Spirit is the one that introduced me to life that I have the ability hear and see. I have the ability yo list to the teachers of Bitcoin. Now I can see how the nations of the world are coming closer to working together. Lasting Peace will only be possible if glaring economic and social indifference presist. This was thought impossible until decentralized Bitcoin was God-given through an Engineer that want give his name..

  16. this is all so surreal that it makes me think Max is a psychopath and Rob is CIA. I see pure lies and delusion, nothing more, nothing less. I might be wrong, though.

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