The 3 Teams that WON the NFL Draft!

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30 gedachten over “The 3 Teams that WON the NFL Draft!”

  1. Seattle got the second best CB. They passed up on a CB from Oregon with the length that's so coveted. Seemed like a bonehead move to me. Then they grab a Wide Receiver when they desperately need a pass rusher and they already have Locket and Metcalf. Granted, JSN should be a stud, but still…

  2. Falcons draft is underrated big time! We got the best offensive player in the draft and got the biggest steal of the draft when we got Phillips in the 4th round! He was a top 30 player in a few mocks I saw!

  3. I don’t know how people can say someone won a draft when we haven’t seen an NFL production I do wish all the young men the best and great careers but we can’t say anyone won anything until a year or more down the line

  4. Seattle is looking good if they utilize Noah Fant they're going to be scary.

  5. Issue with Texans draft is if those two guys don’t pan out…they sold their future for years

  6. Houston traded a 2024 1st (in a loaded draft class) a 2nd, and a 3rd to move up 9 spots for Will Anderson, when they could have had JSN or another good player at #12. Horrible, horrible trade up.

  7. We wont know who won the draft for at least 3-5 years. On paper right now you can say what team we think did the best. It may hold true, or a team that drafted poorly may end up having low rated players way out perform their draft slot. Time will tell.

  8. The thing is you really don’t know if the players they selected are good or not because they haven’t played yet so they can be Draft gold, our draft bust because Tom Brady and Richard Sherman were picked in the fourth round and some guys pick in the first round didnt live up to the hype, are not even in the NFL anymore

  9. This is dumb. Too early to tell who won the draft. All these players could end up being bust. Only time will tell who really won the draft.

  10. Texans giving up draft picks to get Stroud and Anderson was wastful. Even if Stroud is above average who is he throwing to? They should have traded back, grabbed Carter if Anderson wasn't an option and drafted a top QB and WR next year.

  11. Nolan smith had 12 sacks in 4 years.. Davis ass, Dean ass, Ringo was giving up ass all last year.. Carter might be good. We’ll see

  12. Disagree on Texans. I like their picks but gave up a King's ransom for Will Anderson when other good players available. Personally feel Giants and Colts had really good drafts

  13. Cowboys: You got to chill in the draft

    Eagles: I'm just good, you just have skill issues

  14. I think eagles got a solid B+. I would have then A+ if they traded up a bit got Brian Branch then took jalin Hyatt instead of syndey brown. that would made our wr room beast mode and solidified our safety spot I like Blankenship. also eagles have weakness at linebacker in morrow , he sucks he rated in bottom 4 out of outside linebackers. Right now their only weaknesses are at lb and safety. Edmunds is trash too. dude rated bottom 7 for safety so I'd like them to address 5hwt or maybe Sydney brown steps up. he either gonna be really good or real bad boom or bust

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