Thank you #SAFEMOONARMY | SafeMoon’s Birthday Month!

We have a whole month ahead of us, but you have to start somewhere. Let’s start with some words about where we have been and where we are heading.

We also have a link to a transcript of this presentation for those that might need it.

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30 gedachten over “Thank you #SAFEMOONARMY | SafeMoon’s Birthday Month!”

  1. Be the first crypto to have a call centre to help customers with purchases and issue

  2. wow thank you Safemoon so much God showed me i hold thess our lives will change

  3. Safemoon has defied the odds in so many ways. Hats off to the devs and to the community!

  4. I felt proud being part of the safemoon army and the big picture painted in general. Happy Birthday SAFEMOON WAGMI! Livelong!

  5. Am I nit picking if they come with a phenomenal video and community is spelled wrong?

  6. soooo a new logo, new token swaps, a card concept safemoon sunday being called safemoon specials, sneek peaks like more staff leaving, come on guys im a holder since day one but this is killer watching this chart bomb like crazy time and time again I want this to succeed but my faith in your ability to deliver is being shaken hard

  7. safe moon owner is a pig so high transection fee i have lost my all money every exchange should ban this token

  8. safe moon owner is a pig so high transaction fee i have lost my all money the most worst app i have ever seen in crypto history every exchange should ban this token this token have no future no body invest in this token big scammer safmoon

  9. Seems like an awful lot of money spent here. Less of the hype please. Acting like a superstar spec coin when you 95%+ down on your ATH price is not good marketing. Also, what about some raw facts instead of esoteric 'look at how out there we are and what we want to be in our self actualised world' and show people about the market and what has to be done to succeed in it. In short, stop with the dreaminess and start with the reality. Thank you.

  10. Is there going to be a Safemoon Sunday this month. Always looking forward to real info from them. So excited for the hardwallet and of course the exchange and Blockchain. To the moon.

  11. Can we get a new CEO with class, integrity and honesty already. This one's damaged goods

  12. a ver se empieza a usar el idioma español en los videos que somo unos cuantos

  13. If you would like to see safemoon in Africa and start to take over that content you will help me with this.

  14. Hello,
    I exchanged safemoon v2 tokens to BNB, I wrote that the transaction was carried out except that I do not see anything on my Safemoon wallet. and I made the exchange from my wallet.
    I wrote two requests to the support but I did not get an answer
    Can help me ?


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