Terra Station Tutorial: How to Buy, Store & Stake LUNA Tokens (Ledger Wallet)

laatste update: 06-2022

In this video, I show you how to buy, store and stake Terra LUNA with Terra Station and a Ledger hardware wallet. I provide an overview of the Terra Protocol and LUNA tokens. Then I show you where to buy LUNA tokens and how to store them with a Ledger wallet. Before performing a walk-through of how to stake your LUNA tokens via the Terra Station Wallet using a Ledger.

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01:34 What is Terra Protocol
01:47 What is Terra Luna
02:03 Where to buy Luna Tokens
02:27 Where to Store Luna
02:44 What is the Tera Station Wallet?
03:14 Luna Staking
03:48 Luna Staking Walkthrough
03:52 How to Setup the Terra Station Wallet
04:27 How to Connect Ledger to Terra Station
06:09 How to Send Luna to Terra Station Wallet
07:57 How to Stake Luna
08:10 How to Choose a Terra Station Validator
09:42 How to Delegate/Stake
10:51 How to Withdraw your Stake
11:00 How to Withdraw your Rewards

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30 gedachten over “Terra Station Tutorial: How to Buy, Store & Stake LUNA Tokens (Ledger Wallet)”

  1. Hello Good day, pls I have a problem with my terra wallet. I recently tried sending luna from my wallet and discovered I can't remember the password I used… pls, how can I recover my password?

  2. Another great step-by-step video. Congratulations reaching over 100K subscribers.
    I really love your clear voice and pace of every video.
    Looking forward to the follow up Airdrop Claims.

  3. Can I ask – if I was to buy Luna and then buy a ledger device – can I add those Luna onto ledger or will there be a fee and gas price to move it?

  4. Hello! how much would I get if I staked 295 Luna? On the whole, terra station is safe and it is not a scam? Is it worth staking luna or ust?

  5. quick question. Once you stake your Luna via this methods, do the coins then leave your Ledger and are they then deposited in terrastation (staking)? What I mean to say is, if you use this method and stake on TerraStation, is there a difference between just using TerraStation as a wallet and staking your Luna. Is it technically the same once you begin staking?

  6. so is the word "terra" included in the address when sending LUNA and/or UST in and out my terra wallet? thats what im confused about. New to the LUNA ecosystem. Thanks!

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