Teladoc Stock CRASH | Should I Invest in ARKK ETF? | Cathie Wood in 2022

laatste update: 06-2022

With the Teladoc stock crash, you may be asking, “should I invest in ARKK ETF by Cathie Wood?” Find out in the video above!

0:00 Teladoc Stock Crash
2:01 ARKK Top 25 Holdings
2:42 Cathie Wood Projections
5:05 Teladoc Stock Analysis
7:41 What Should You Pay For TDOC Stock?

(Recorded April 28, 2022)

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30 gedachten over “Teladoc Stock CRASH | Should I Invest in ARKK ETF? | Cathie Wood in 2022”

  1. I understand ARK has dropped (temporarily) but why in the world would you bet against innovation?? Paul just wants us to buy his boring stocks.

  2. Cathie is the new Abbey Joseph Cohen who never saw a stock or market that could ever go down at least that is what she said "publicly ".

  3. Cathy is the god of investing and you can have 100% of your wealth with her and not have to worry or ever look at the markets. That is what I was hearing during the big bubble. Now she has gone from a 100k bitcoin target to 1 million. She has lost it.

  4. Hey guys i Want to thank so much for what you guys do, I wish I would of got your channel before stock moes, I do plan on buying your incredible software , but I am stuck in a lot of stock moes stocks and I am stuck dollar cost Adveraging and losing my money everyday in this bare market. I don’t know if you guys are running a deal for that, but your software is incredible . Paul thank you so much for the process, I wish I could afford it right now . 🙁 . I do look forward to getting it soon.

  5. Cathie Wood is a mad cat woman. I feel quite angry that her reckless investing has destroyed peoples wealth (apart from her own).

  6. There are stocks dirt cheap that millennials wouldn't invest in like Altria, ConocoPhillips, Merck, and Bristol Myers. How they doing this year? Cash flow matters folks

  7. Since I’ve been asked a lot: I will always advise, we buy stock in several companies that make products & services that you believe in.Only sell if you think their products & services are trending worse. Don’t panic when the market does.This will serve you well in the long-term.

  8. Good analysis on how and why TDOC price dropped and this is all about the past. This may be interesting but doens't help in making investment decision. You don't want to drive looking into the rear view mirror.

  9. Three pillars, idea, capital and execution. Selling on the idea now because the execution failed. What next more capital, back to markets with a begging bowl to keep the idea alive 😬

  10. How to outperform the stock market; read thousands of annual reports, learn about margin of safety , buy undervalued stocks , insider information and seek professional help.

  11. I think it’s ridiculous for 3 middle aged men to come out publicly and say they have no respect for a women that’s built a business several times larger than all of them combined could ever build. You don’t have to agree with her investing style but why disrespect her like that? I’ve never heard Buffet, Munger or Pabrai insult Cathie Wood. It’s hilarious because you guys are building your channel by riding her coattails.

  12. Honestly , woods is an etf manager who is motivated by management fees , not performance. She doesnt care what happens to her etf holders, she cares about her fees.

  13. Cathie Wood promised 40% compounded annual returns. Now she promises 80% compounded annual returns since ARKK is cheaper now.

  14. 2:45
    This hyped halftard thinks Teladoc is gonna be worth 30 TRILLION DOLLARS in 10 years.
    Worth noting that the GDP of the ENTIRE PLANET IS 80 Trillions.
    There are GOATS and there are goats in this market.

  15. One simple thing I don't get. When a company makes tons of millions of dollars in revenue why are they still not making a cent of money? They are doubling their revenue every year

  16. Looks like long term holds did not work out Probably be better off not buying anything at all Seems like stock market is fabricated.

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