“Sweet Moment Coming” – SafeMoon in 2022

laatste update: 09-2022

A senior SafeMoon mod has stressed that a sweet moment is coming for SafeMoon where they will say “we told you.”

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30 gedachten over ““Sweet Moment Coming” – SafeMoon in 2022”

  1. Thanks Atlas, you truly are an asset for the SafeMoon community no matter what an ignorant few may say.

  2. Good video! What do you think about Aeterna? It looks like the new safuu, just released 2 days ago.

  3. I believe in safemoon and hearing u loud and clear atlas, keep up the great work

  4. There are LOTS of sick people out there. Feel lucky that they only contact you through the internet. I feel bad for those that live with them dayly… Cheer up, if Safemoon finally work things out, then good for everyone. If not, it was just a bad investment, no one should have his life depending on the success of just one thing… Be open… Keep up the good job…

  5. Hey crypto atlas are planning to sell and leave safemoon?

  6. Something has always been coming. ITS COMING , IT FAILS, IT WAS PEOPLE INVOLVED, THEY LEAVE THEN IT JUST FADES OUT . Repeat

  7. Reminds me of ROCKY 5..guy steals investment to start another project hoping it works and can pay it back.

  8. Curious if anyone here has tried copy trading.
    What was your experience? I’m relatively new to trading and I am looking study some traders and copy their open trades rather than investing myself and lose money emotionally…

  9. It always best to look at a situation from both perspectives, the internet is a terrible place sometimes, if you don't ask the hard questions there are never answers, keep doing what your doing and filter out the negativity

  10. The blockchain evidence on John's gabe wallet is irrefutable. Liquidity is gone and john was the only one in control. They have to account for 20 million dollars spent on "business expenses" there is more to come FYI and I know that for a fact. I'm sorry to say. No bs.

  11. I have been extremely hard on you for being too much of a fan boy. I will tell you this, I have more respect for you now.

  12. I disagree, I dont need any answers just results, this video is all me me me, Bro could careless if he bought a fleet of lambos as long as they devolope like they said, look at the people john is hanging out with, top notch people. Not snakes like papa, hank, mark, matt. Im down more than you im sure and im still bullish.

  13. Mr atlas its taken guts and courage to do and say what you have said in the last 2 videos for 99% of us thats what we want to know and what we are concerned about, its the sfm cult that can't see the wood through the trees and go elsewhere but since day 1 you have had the followers backs just make sure you keep up the good work and see it through godbless you crypto atlas 🙏🙏🙏 GIANT STEPS ARE WHAT YOU TAKE 👏

  14. Great job is always I feel the same you expressing yourself trying to give us the facts both ways as what we all need of course we want safe Moon succeed but we also want answers so great job ignore all those other people

  15. Love your content! I like how honest you are and unbiased. You say things that many of us holders are thinking and feeling but do not have the platform to do so. There are many concerns that should be addressed with sfm, but at this point if they make things right and just deliver products I’m fine because it’s looking like we won’t receive any answers moving forward. I used to listen to other sfm YouTubers but had to unsubscribe because of the toxic positivity and lack of realism of what’s actually happening. I appreciate your page and screw what others say about you. You have supporters. Trust.

  16. I'm sure a lot of us feel similar to how you feel man. I know that at the root of this, there is a truth and some of us are just trying to find that truth.

  17. I'm grateful for you being open minded and wanting answers, whether good or bad. We are with you. God bless

  18. Keep up the good work man. Don’t let the bastards get you down. 🫡

  19. haha the angry bold guy lol. Do not be scared of him dude hahahah

  20. so I sold some of my safemoon for only one reason. I believe that the price will dip more the next weeks. I sold some of my bag to invest to something that I believe can give me profit….. because… I want to buy a huuuuge bag of safemoon when it gains one zero. I want to have a bag of more than 20 million sfm. This will bring me 20x faster to my retirement 😉

  21. Hey Crypto proud of you for being honest with your desire for Safemoon and your feelings. These punks trying to beat you down are basing there FUD on someone who definitely has an agenda against Safemoon. Hang in Little Buddy and we'll see for good or bad what happens and accept the real facts when the court desides.

  22. 100% agree with everything you have just said in this video especially about saying something that sounds negative and suddenly being labeled a fudder when all you have are concerns and left wanting answers.

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