Stoopid Sessions Episode 2. Are you a feminist or a misandrist?

This is a show like no other, I explore social and topical issues in Nigeria the best way I know; through fun, wit and intellectual banter with the help of my friends, family and guests. On this episode we explore the topic Feminism and educate people on the difference between Feminism, misogyny and misandry.Guests in this show include Musician; Adekunle Gold, Rapper; Poe and Chef Nikki.

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  1. That was a very nice point sim lady's need to know what to do and be at the right place at the right time am a feminist

  2. First time I'm seeing 6 inches on the table and it looks so wrong

  3. I used to subscribe to a magazine in England but discontinued it because there was a lot of men bashing. I realised by continuing to subscribe to the magazine, I was undermining my son. So my responsibility as a single parent when my son was young, was to do my best to bring him up to have integrity and to respect women. He is now 30 years old.

  4. It is called sanguinity law and its origin is British. Your citizenship is determined by your father and not your mother's side. It was still the case in England I believe, until the late 70s when the law changed. So Nigerian law still very much follows English law. Simi, please stop being so dominating and shouting your friends down😊.

  5. Why did you bring 4 feminist together to discuss whether they believe in feminism or not. Clearly the argument are one sided. Next time, bring people from both sides. Atleast one person with a diverse view. Aside from that, very nice video 👍

  6. When you are able to practically draw the line between feminism and misandry, then everyone should be individuals looking out for everyone regardless of the gender.

  7. Miss Nike has some insecurities to deal with.misandry is wrong! PS: and feminity shouldn't be a choice like at all! It's like saying if you want to be a slave you can be a slave 🙄

  8. This is the 1st time i'm coming across the word "Misandry", you live and you learn! Great thought provoking conversation.

  9. They weren't saying the same thing lol. The keyword was "biggest". women aren't the biggest propagators, Men are. But women still are propagators just not "biggest".

    My understanding is this is what she was opposing. Women being propagators is still caused by men which further cancels it.

  10. I hate it when they say that because you’re a girl you have to endure in marriage.

  11. does that guy know the meaning of the chinese on his jacket (吻我的屁股)- kiss my bumbum…. lol

  12. I believe more in gender equity. Let's not even define people's capabilities, rights and choices based on social constructs. Everybody has 1,000,000% right to achieve/aspire for/earn whatever they want to. Don't tell me I can't do certain things because I'm not a man or that men can't do certain things because they aren't women.

    Unfortunately, this is what I believe the generation Z have misguidedly interpreted as "not identifying as any particular gender", but instead refer to themselves as 'they' or the 'other' sex"…

    I wish people would just work towards instilling that sense of having freedom of choice into the next generation. And especially teach children, both male and female, that they have varying strengths no matter what their sex may be. For instance, a female might be able to lift a bag of cement while there are some male who cannot. They don't have the strength. Similarly, a male might be able to fix the best hairstyle while some females cannot. This does not make either of the individual sexes in these scenarios less of their God given sex. We are all just not equal. So that mentality that men are superior to women or women are superior to men should be erased from the next generation.

    And I say this as a pro heterosexuality which is not socially constructed but ordained by God.

    I pray we see the world where our females and males get to thrive in their individualistic strengths and collective reasoning that EVERYONE (male or female) should be treated fairly/justly.

  13. In contrast to what most people believe, feminism has nothing to do with reducing or hating men, in fact feminism does not support sexism against any gender. Feminism works towards equality, not female superiority.

  14. Exactly Simi I say that to my friends too and then i get bashed. "Men are supposed to have sense, they're supposed to be mature but since they don't have sense, please protect yourself, know when to stop leading the guy on, when to stop taking his money, when to stop picking his calls, what time to go to his house

  15. Is it just me that is getting triggered by the fact that Simi's shirt doesnt have network

  16. I just wish the modern feminist can try not to be biased and see issues the same regardless of gender. I hate most of all I see online, makes me feel like most do not understand feminism.

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