Stephanie Pomboy: Count On A LOT Of Pain Before The Fed Pivots

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There’s a lot of disagreement right now about where the markets are headed.

Much of Wall Street is hoping the rally from the first half of the year will re-ignite, and there’s a fair amount of technical analysis suggesting it very well may.

But more investors are starting to worry about the impact of today’s bond yields. Suddenly, talk is everywhere about how high they are and fear is growing that they may still rise materially higher.

And of course, fundamental analysts have been warning for quarters now that the lag effect from central banks’ historically aggressive rate hikes and balance sheet reduction will be arriving in force soon — sure to drag economic growth AND financial asset prices downwards.

So what’s most likely to happen from here?

We’re fortunate to be joined by analyst Stephanie Pomboy today. She’s CEO of MacroMavens and at the top of the list of most popular experts with the Wealthion’s audience.

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0:00 The lag effect of rate hikes.
3:45 Recession on the way.
10:00 The state of the consumer.
16:30 How the fed could pivot to quantitative easing.
20:39 How financial assets underperform once the fed pivots.
24:57 How the deficit will compromise economic growth going forward.
32:05 Why was it so hard to hire people during the pandemic?
38:20 Corporate bankruptcies and employment.
44:13 Default rates for speculative grade debt.
49:28 The fed forced people to go further out on the risk curve.
57:34 Zoltan Posner and resource producers.
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  1. The economy should not be based on credit in the first place.

  2. 31:09 The reason that profits declining doesn't equal job losses is because there are a lot of people that are of working age dying suddenly and unexpectedly. That is a reduction on labor availability

  3. Thank you to Stephanie for her analysis
    I really enjoy listening to her
    Love the dog too
    Brilliant interview!

  4. Great show. Always love to hear Stephanie. Never sugar coats the data and facts.

  5. I spent the first 24:27 of this video hoping Stephanie's dog would raise his head & confirm he's still alive.

  6. Steph is Fantastic & so humble 🙂 Love her 2 points on liquidity & gasoline (& I would food) prices! The 1st hitting the big wigs & the 2nd hitting the everyday people on our streets.

  7. Stephanie Pom Pom Bear the most beautiful permabear in town 🎉 The Fed will destroy the private banking sector and maybe retail gets even more restrictions slapped on it. Maybe Congress rolls out the pattern dip buying rule so brokerage accounts less than 25k can only buy the dip and sell once every 3 days.

  8. “The road to serfdom consists of working exponentially harder to earn a currency that is growing exponentially weaker.”

  9. As always Adam, Stephanie sparkles with intelligent insights – thank you Stephanie. I had written off the recession but she has me back on yellow alert. I think what you both may be missing is that the Fed, despite stated goals, is comfortable with a sticky inflation rate around 5-8% because they can only inflate themselves out of debt or die by easing.

  10. Adam, great point on China being the rescuer of debt for the American economy. The reverse – deglobalization – will the next debt bubble to inflate as we reshore the manufacturing we no longer can rely on in China. This will look like a boom in the American Economy, it will sustain higher inflation but look like a lot more growth than it is. That's how they hope to kick the can down the road another 10-15 years. At the end of that they hope to wrap the entire debt into a new Fed coin currency and essentially wipe out the deficit.

  11. It appears that some student loan borrowers are on the web trying to get others to not pay their student loan payments. It’s clearly stupid because the debt can’t be cancelled with bankruptcy but it’s on my radar along with CC spending. The Biden administration has done considerable damage to our country. End of my rant. 2024 election factor?

  12. 🤔 what are the major banks who are holding the largest amount of corporate debt?

  13. Just a bit of Simping for Stephanie. But she is a very smart woman. Found the channel from George Gammons Rebel Capitalist show.

  14. Stephanie Pomboy, what a wonderful professionnel in these matters.

  15. Thanks for the real world discussion, great channel to get different opinions.

  16. Everybody here needs to read "Broken Money" by Lyn Alden. It is a great book.

  17. SVB got the political bailout cuz of the BILLIONS they were hiding and the STAR clientele.

  18. In my opinion QE has already started the Bank Term lending program.

  19. "Can't allow the rest of the world to be our resource producers." Damn straight, Stephanie. When that day comes, that we can't purchase resources at such low prices, is the day the American Pie music dies.

  20. As a commercial real estate developer, I can safely say my recession begins in exactly 4 months. While there may be a lag, the rest are just behind me depending on how long their leases go and how long rents cover current interest rates. From there, construction stops. While there will remain pockets of success, the macro climate is dictating a slowdown. Recovery will only be possible once the debt loads of both government and in the private sector drop to sustainable levels as measured against interest rates. The bill has come due.

  21. English bulldogs are the second best. Almost as good as a Frenchy. I love your dog Stephanie!
    I think they just quietly listen in the background. Boy what wisdom we would have if they just talked.

  22. Just saw this interview recap story on MSN splash page! Congrats Adam!

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