SPELL TOKEN Explained. What is Abracadabra money?

In this video we will try in simple words explain what is Spell Token and how Abracadabra money works? Aand yes this is not a brand new movie about Harry Potter. We will talk about crypto. =) So welcome back to crypto4light channel, lets learn cryptocurrency together in simple explanations.
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Disclaimer: Please be aware of the risks involved in trading. This video was made for educational purposes only not for financial Investment Purposes.

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21 gedachten over “SPELL TOKEN Explained. What is Abracadabra money?”

  1. Good one. so is it lending money platform? Likewise compound ,aave ?

  2. Hi dear , what about the galaxy coin ( glxc) give me some ideas. It looks very cheap at the moment . Thanks 🙏

  3. hi, i have a Question about nft, i have actually created a collection of nft with about 250 different variations, and if I want to mint and list them all on opensea ETHEREUM blockchain how much will it cost? I mean as I watched your video of creating a collection u said that it will cost u only once to create the collection, and then adding on it will not cost anything, so my Question here is that can I now pay (lets suppose 300$) once to create a collection and then add my 250 nfts in it with no cost individually… so that's how I will have to pay once only? under 300$ for my 250 collection?

  4. hye i got one more Question, as I want to upload my nft, what mainnet of metamask should my ethereum be in, should it be in eth miannet or bsc mainnet will also work, and can u tell me what is the cheapest way to get my eth in my metamask, cuz if transferring from binance to metamask its cost like 50$ for the transaction!!

  5. I didn't understand jack shit. Your explanation is all over the place and you talk really really fast.

  6. Spell Token Is Abracadabra a good investment???😊
    Spell Token Ist Abracadabra eine gute Investition???😊

  7. Please do an update. It’s ganna be put on tik tok soon!!!!

  8. you talk really fast! which wouldn't be so bad, except your accent is so pronounced, it makes it almost impossible to follow you

  9. Very interesting! May I know the founder of project?

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