Somehow Plo Koon Survived…

“Wesa can do this the difficult way or the simple way”
Season 1 Episode 8: Somehow Plo Koon returned
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30 gedachten over “Somehow Plo Koon Survived…”

  1. If this really happened, we won't get many shitty sequel from Star Wars now. 👏

  2. If Plo had been there, he and Windu could have disarmed Sidious faster.

  3. Then there's a huge controversy in the senate. The Jedi would have to take control in order to secure a peaceful transition. Uncounted Billions would Rebel against them. Ironic lol

  4. I think having Plo, Obi Wan and Yoda outside of Coruscant might have been part of Palpatine’s plan, since he knew these were the only Jedi alongside Windu, that together could defeat him.

  5. If Palpatine had said he was the Senate, he would have won the fight.

  6. I can’t believe that plo coon actually stops Anakin Skywalker from killing mace Windu

  7. I have only one question. Why didn't Plo save those 3 jedi morons?!

  8. I've been waiting to see Plo Koon in some lightsaber action for a long time, and this is really satisfying

    an incredibly welcome edit, would love to see him in an actual impactful duel like that he would make for a great influential character

  9. If only this was how it happned, everyone would have had a much better life…..
    This is very good editing my Gungan friend, how about you come by for a cup of tea Jar Jar

  10. Plo Koon died like a chump – shot down by a clone. There's nothing to meme about here. He was weak.

  11. "We're lightning bolts, we're meant to be used only by the Sith"
    Plo: "Not to me"

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