In this episode of fundamental videos I’m going to talk about Solana and its ecosystem. I’ll cover what it does, the history behind it and give you my opinion about the current issues. Which ones do you want to see featured in the next episode? Let me know in the comments!

DISCLAIMER: I recieved a position in the ICO of SolRazr and I’m currently invested in the project.

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0:00 Intro
0:54 Solana Report
1:42 History
3:08 Website
4:35 How does it work?
8:54 Issues & my opinion
11:20 Ecosystem
12:51 Solana Labs
13:35 Price action
15:21 Projects on Solana
17:58 Solrazr
19:47 Outro

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  1. Still so many scammers posting on your videos!

    Thanks for the great information though.

  2. I pick Elrond over Solana! Thanks for the info as always 🙏

  3. @CryptoMichael please do fundamental of Fantom. This is something that may have huge increase soon

  4. I use a lot of AMM’s but the Solana network is by far the fastest and cheapest. ORCA has great APY for staking/farming and Raydium, Atlas and Port Finance are great projects. I do not agree about the entry point as most of these projects already corrected 30-40% and they will have their conference early November…….great moment to buy now just before the last Bull Run wave…..

  5. Great content Michael! The technical background and other fundamentals👌 thank you for this (as always)objective review!! ✊🏿

  6. Bitcoin monthly chart shows significant declining volume since June. rally not supported by volume. rising price declining volume. bearish divergence. any concerns, your thoughts.

  7. I’d like to know why no talks about NANO…. It’s tech seems to be superior to all other digital cash. What am I missing?

  8. Hi Michael! Could you make a video about the potentials of Rune?

  9. Can you give me the name of an expert and trusted person so that I can better invest with him

  10. Hi Michael, let's talk. I like solana. She's trying to beat Ethereum and that's cool. True, I still believe that the ether will remain at the top. And more will win those projects that will cooperate with him and not become – "killers of the ether". For example, a NEAR , due to its Aurora bridge, will be able to expand the ether and will receive not only an increase in security from hacking its protocol, but also bring new Ethereum users to its network. What do you say ? What thoughts do you have on this ?

  11. Solana is a good ecosystem to consider, I am holding some sol on atomic wallet and no plan to sell soon.

  12. What an amazing video, I learned so much about SOL that I didn’t know before. It’d be amazing if you made a similar video on NEAR. I just found the project and want to put money into it but I don’t know enough about it. You are obviously great at research and it’d be amazing to hear your opinion on NEAR. Thanks for this content, I absolutely love it

  13. Awesome exploitation video Michael, thanks a lot. Vechain next please!

  14. after Bitcoin hits ath, what prices do you think it will retrace 2 in terms of fib levels, 30 through 40 k or 60 to 70 k? would be nice if you're address it in the next video

  15. Thank you, i will follow. Please make the same video on NEAR. It will obviously go to the new ATH, but I do not know at what point to buy to be sure that this is not a false movement. Thanks

  16. Leef je nog? Juist in deze spannende markt laat je je fans in de steek, je had toch wel even een korte update kunnen geven over de bitcoin? Net als MMCrypto , even live vanuit Dubai.(soms zelfs 3 keer per dag!!)
    Ik had je wat anders ingeschat…….zal wel aan mij liggen

  17. Senor Michael muchas gracias for the information again, your information help many of people like who are looking a financial freedom!!!!!

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