So What Is An Order Block? | Smart Money Concepts


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30 gedachten over “So What Is An Order Block? | Smart Money Concepts”

  1. That’s not an Orderblock it’s the series of up closed candles before the down

  2. order block on top start from green candle not red and from diwn start start from red candle

  3. What tool on tradingview allows you to draw the block with the 50% mid line? That's awesome!

  4. real OBs that mostly will hold are the candles that swept liquidity, have imbalance and swing inducement on top or below it. 90% it will hold.

  5. Isn't it a last buy candle before the sell that ended up breaking structure….

  6. I think this is one of the reasons why people are so confused because we all know or taught that orderblock is green candle for bear and red candle for bull.

  7. It’s not an imbalance, it is zones where big institustional banks buy/short

  8. So an Order Block is basically a different word for fair value gap ?

  9. Your order block is on red candle instead of green candle , why ? I seen one of your video where you said that the order block is drawn on the opposite candle Color on the lower timeframe one on the higher timeframe price get to the supply zone that is sometimes wide (wide stop loss) order block limit stop loss

  10. Your definition of order block is the same as FVG. its confusing.

  11. If i am not wrong sir in the downtrend we will select a recent high green candle for a valid order block

  12. That is not an order block. Don't get us confused, please.

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