Silvergate Bankrupt!! What it Means For Crypto!

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β–Ί Silvergate Shuts Down SEN:
β–Ί Blackrock Invests In Silvergate:
β–Ί BCB Group Building SEN Replacement:
β–Ί Silvergate Building Crypto Exchange With Wall Street:


0:00 Intro
0:52 What Is Silvergate?
5:31 Silvergate Collapse
10:23 What Comes Next?
14:54 Why Silvergate?


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29 gedachten over “Silvergate Bankrupt!! What it Means For Crypto!”

  1. Careful Guy, a little too much truth in your, suppositions there old boy.

  2. I'll keep it short and sweet! GUY I think you nailed it in the end about your analysis! The US FED and GOV is so corrupt and wants control of everything.

  3. Have you looked up the research of the beginning in the Federal reserve? It's some dirty stuff.

  4. VOYAGER DROP 50% its a obvious pump right back up πŸ“ˆπŸ« πŸš€πŸ”₯ it’s ready to run again

  5. Means nothing as always, new kids will issue new tokens and get mega rich in the process, crypto is a license for the smart private citizen to print money. It is another sign that money is broken and we're all in for a very tough ride where there'll be big winners and a way larger amount of losers, we will witness it through never ending very persistent high inflation.

  6. Hey guys , I don't know anything about investing and I'm looking to invest , any help ? As well who can I reach out to ?

  7. My portfolio has grown tremendously all thanks to my trading manager for the helpπŸ’―

  8. Among the current metaverse projects, I'm keeping an eye on THE MERA! This is a futuristic open-world game with 3D graphics and many exciting game modes. Anyone can join it for free now

  9. This makes sense given Senator Warren's involvement in the bank run…

  10. Where you at Guy?!?!? I could really use some positive reinforcement right about now, seeing how I have 80% of my crypto holdings in USDC waiting to buy the dip!!!!

  11. Silicon Valley Bank just collapsed by design too.

    They want to push CBDCs.

  12. All these shocks and now silvergate are slowly toughening BTC and crypto holders..guess we are slowly maturing. Just buy more crypto when it dumps and whenever theres some FUD.

  13. I was so close to go to someone today at Leeds airport to say. Hi mate, I like your youtube channel. πŸ˜‚ still not sure if it was you .

  14. Too much scammy coins and non registered pruducts in funny markers. Btc forked with SegWit = ill defined not Satoshi compliant…eth bnb… lol SEC is slow

  15. The only solution is to have a new, large crypto friendly bank outside the USA, Preferably in the east like Singapore.

  16. It seems the top tier of execs at SVP withdrew millions in the last two weeks. So it would seem they knew about the collapse. There are no coincidences here. Ukraine war, Biden laundering of money abroad by arming a proxy war. And Black Rock taking over everything over there and investing just in time to take over SVP and the crypto market. We have to realise just how corrupt the world we live in, is.

  17. FHL banks lending to banks is nothing out of the ordinary. they moved beyond their original name a long time ago. this video seems a bit too far out.

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