Shiba Inu Coin | These 2 Things Can Help SHIB Move Higher!

Shiba Inu Coin has 2 catalysts right around the corner that could drive the price of SHIB higher.

1) Up to 12 free shares ($100 Deposit required)
2) 5% Annual Return on Cash Balance

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28 gedachten over “Shiba Inu Coin | These 2 Things Can Help SHIB Move Higher!”

  1. What is the “Shib” developers saying about this new blockchain?

  2. Okay this is just an idea to help Shiba Inu community to get ahead. If we truly come together as a community and organize ourselves, like ants do, precisely 2 million of us to burn $1,000 each with the price even at 0.00000730 we will be burning over 273T coins, 💡!! of course the people that can burn more than $1,000 please do so. Simple math the more the merrier. The numbers don't lie, people do. We as a community together we can beat this. We'll succeed as investors. Nevermind the $1,000 that we're going to be burning. Let's focus on how much the coin is going to be worth once to burn is completed. By scheduling the date for the burn we can make happen. We don't have to wait to achieve success we just have to be organized. Think about it people celebration will follow. 🎉🎉

    Shiba Inu 2,000,000 x $1000= $2,000,000,000T ÷ $0.00000730 = 273,972,602,739,726T coins to be burn we take control pick a date and do it together. It is possible.

  3. ❤Thanks bud for keepin us financially
    Educated! Regardless of how bad it gets on the economy, I still make over $20,000 every single week.

  4. I have been making losses trying to make profit
    trading. I thought trading demo account is just like
    trading the real market…..can anyone help me out
    or at least advise me on what to do?.

  5. Why they didn't do this in the first place?we have been waiting for shibarium so long only to find out it does nothing. It really sucks its watching saitama all over again.

  6. Yeah, how hard would it have been for shytoshi’s shybarigon network to have just made each transaction a flat 1% of the fee? Even half a percent would be better than 11 zeros and a 1. This totally tells me that they actually despise the SHIB community and wanted to fleece us of all our ETH as much as and as long as they could for all their projects and coins. In some ways I do want “Shibarium aka copied Polygon” network to succeed, because it would make the value of BONE increase, which I’m sure many Shib holders bought in anticipation of the network launch and promised burns of trillions of shib. So may folks want it to succeed or just a bounce so they can get out of bone and any other projects on it. I’m glad Shib burns is making a new network, but I really doubt it will be any better. I don’t see hundreds of projects flocking to yet another network. Unfortunately. But if it works, and shib price goes up great.

  7. 📌 Nice video, love how you take your time to educate your viewers. You gave me the mindset to invest my savings now I have made profits over $120k Right Now and still making more, I am enjoying a good life with what I made investing Indeed, building a portfolio income through a licensed investment adviser is one out of many ways to earn passive income.

  8. Shib Inu coin for gas token is huge! Thanks for keeping us updated.

  9. Great content and I thank you for breaking it down!! Even with the current dip in crypto currency, l'm still Glad 🙂 I can smile back at my portfolio of $50,700 made from my $6k weekly trade within a short period.

  10. To put it very simply. No, they will not do anything to make it go higher. Too many people own way too many tokens if they make it go higher Without more capital, the token will bankrupt in days When people try to cash out
    For billions, possibly trillions of dollars.

  11. Most clear, concise, straight forward and unapologetic channel around. Everyone’s tip toeing around the truth and you blaze right through it with respect and educated truth. Thanks Clay

  12. time to move on for the shib army to take control from clueless lucieshib and the dev team!!!

  13. The Next Catalyst Shiba Inu Army Abandon and Boycott Developments by Shitoyshi and Dev's.
    Shiba Inu Army doesn't need Shitoyshi and Dev's .

  14. In SHIB we trust! Money is an issue that everyone has for a better and luxurious life, life was hard for me until I started trading Shiba Inu and am now earning $45,000 per week?

  15. Thanks buddy for keeping us financially Educated! Regardless of how bad it gets on the economy, I still make over $22,000 every single week.

  16. Getting away from the mecosystem devs will definitely help. You know where they can stick the bone token

  17. Shiba Inu wrote the book on how to be a successful project community. My hope is Grumpy Cat Coin can do the same. Eat a zero today. Hopefully we can hold that ground and keep growing. One day I hope I can see Claybro covering Grumpy Cat Coin 🐈🐈‍⬛🐱🙀

  18. Shib burn does this right and the whole of the shiba army needs to support them.

  19. 😺 GrumpyCatCoin says meow. Just broke 4 mil circulating. Don't miss out

  20. I would like to see a video about GrumpyCatCoin 😾😾😾😻

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