Shiba Inu Coin | SHIB Burns Automated Finally an Update!

Shiba Inu Coin burns will one day be automated on Shibarium, but nobody knows what the SHIB ecosystem team is doing.

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30 gedachten over “Shiba Inu Coin | SHIB Burns Automated Finally an Update!”

  1. Still holding 4.2 trillion ship let see what happens 🤞

  2. The dev team is a bunch of frauds. How many times have we heard this garbage. The game will burn, but didn’t, shibarium is their project so if it doesn’t benefit them it doesn’t happen. Ironically the faith in bone and leash faded because they refused to burn. This dev team is getting rich on side projects funded by shib and it’s time for them to go but no one knows who they are.

  3. We need a Shiba Inu halving like Bitcoin. Start out with halving every 2yrs until it is down to millions of tokens. Those devs I don't trust.

  4. Dude cmon lol this isn't an update. It's the same shit automated burns start in January. It's the 24th.

    This isn't even shibarium It's still a testnet

  5. I'm favoured financially, Thank you buddy.$32,000 weekly profit regardless of how bad it gets on the economy.

  6. ETH auto burn , SHIB auto burn .. this entire ecosystem and underlying is about to get real expensive

  7. Do people believe that burning billions of SHIB is only hundreds of dollars? Unless it is in the trillions it means nothing!

  8. Hit 240k today. I'm really grateful for all the knowledge and nuggets you had thrown my way over the last months. Started with 14k in June 2022

  9. Yeah, with all the resources shib has, this is all just more of the same 10lbs of crap in a 5lb bag. Once the next bull run hits, no one will even care about shib anymore. Oh, it will go up in price a bit, but the shiny new alt coins will still get all the attention. with shib, the body is dead, the head just doesn't know it yet.

  10. Hallelujah!!!! The daily Jesus devotional has been a huge part of my transformation, God is good🙌🏻🙌🏻, after years of addiction to drugs and sins God chased me down as I earn $112,500 monthly. My life and family has changed, Thank you Jesus!!!…

  11. Thanks for the video clay! Very Very disappointed in the burn numbers bit of a let down really 😢

  12. Does Amazon have a round up and donate option? If so you could add that option as well.

  13. After I heard buy a cup I seen 😳 something fly his head REWIND video

  14. What good are automatic burns when ShitShow Kusama screwed up Shibarium to where it would take 100 Billion blocks to generate 9 cents?

  15. They definitely watch your videos. Lol
    Your last few videos were about where are the automated burns. I guess they wanna show… I mean “tell you” “soon”. 😅

  16. SHIH is a sleeping giant, little to no risk and amazing potential $$$$$$$$$$$$$

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