SHIBA INU Coin Price Plummeting – Is This the END of the Line?

In this video, we’ll discuss whether or not the SHIBA INU COIN is headed for a topple. We’ll discuss the reasons behind the price plunge, and whether or not this is the END of the line for the SHIBA INU COIN. In this video, we’ll discuss the recent shiba inu coin price decline and ask the question, is this the END of the line for this cryptocurrency?

SHIBA INU Coin Price Plummeting – Is This the END of the Line?SHIBA INU COIN Price Prediction! Will the SHIB price continue to fall? #shibainu #shib #shiba

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  1. Operation flip shib,go green,short shib out of existence,go Pepe 🐸🌶️🐸

  2. Yup bring more pain as my wallet is always adding to my bag.

  3. Shib hasn’t been following Bitcoin/ETH, we haven’t had those pumps that they did recently but we do following those red candles days

    Hopefully Shib can make a come back

  4. Supposed to be decentralization the crypto market in all, but yet through theft or I’m sorry “Seizures” from criminal enterprises the Untied States government was able to for FREE mind you without spending a dime single handedly controls the crypto market and can cause a crash when ever they feel like. As long as a government especially the United States Government is the majority holder of bitcoin no coin is safe.

  5. Summer is almost here so we’re probably going to see a dip in the summer . This is the time to buy . Once Shibarium launches, Shib might go parabolic. Though I suspect paperhands will dump.

  6. This is what people do. They miss the boat, and hope causes them to fomo in. We saw it with Shib & were watching it with pepe now. Shib is strong, everything is dropping. It's okay. Its just a buying opportunity. Load them bags up!💰💰💰🙏🇺🇲🙏🇺🇲🙏🇺🇲🙏🙏

  7. Well guess what we dipped to 883 I believe we will be 8s this week

  8. Hey, lord Shiba. How did you make all that mone….."RIGHT FUCKING NOW. IN THE RED. I BOUGHT A FUUUUUUCK TON WHILE COWARDS RAN AWAY" Be brave. Don't be a coward

  9. No worries the western hemisphere will brings up back up by the time America wakes up

  10. Shib will flash crash, then Sky Rocket, it has been under attack, but it withstands it ALL. Many have had dreams and visions of this for a very long time and been trying to tell people. Many people are going to sell and lose out on a LOTTTT of money. Keeping hodling y’all

  11. well…if there will not be manipulation………according to the current chart, SHIB will have a death cross in two days

    In € was in 24 of april already

  12. I hope that Shib will add a few zero's more. Let's pray together that Shib go to zero again. Then I will buy a few thousand euro again.

  13. I told you sell it long time ago did you sell for profit like. Haha sell now. 000000567 comin

  14. Just made a deal with a colleague and traded = value of my KNC for her SHIB. Hopefully we both fair well in the future.

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