SHIBA INU – $1,000,000,000

SHIBA INU – $1,000,000,000

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29 gedachten over “SHIBA INU – $1,000,000,000”

  1. whales have been abandoning the sinking ships. Is it a call of a step back?
    if not than what should be the next move. or is there any thing Shib admin doing in backup to restore the lost shiba innu.

  2. I like the raw approach of dev team, like directly jump in the water tring to learn swimming.

  3. The economy is hurting for sure as I read 65 percent of Americans are living pay to pay and other countries are hurting as well, Shiba may have gotten a raw deal on bad timing,not only did Shiba get stung, all other currencies got nailed too.

  4. i think the devs were under alot of pressure to release shibarium so it was good that shibarium went live, even though its not perfect or even running right now. a little bit of hope is better than no hope. if shibarium didnt go live, i think there would be more fud on the shiba ecosystem.

  5. You remind me about Jim Rohn should could don't… A potential disaster

  6. Good morning Avi and may god bless you and your family and whoever else reads this. Praying good things to come your way ❤ 🙏

  7. I used to panic sell on dips like this and lost plenty. I will now hold, hold and hold again. No fear whatsoever… Rather lose it all than sell at a loss!!!!!

  8. Expecting a down trend till 1st of Dec then buy all in…only have 2 million coins cost average that buying the dip…then all in December 1st to January 3 sell all and retire…that will happen

  9. Good video AVI, this is comforting for those who lost in this shibatrade👍. Glad I wasnt in the game this time. 😀

  10. I believe they are working on scaling up to handle more people on the network, the system crashed because they weren't expecting so many people. To make transactions all at once in a short time frame of a few seconds of hearing shibarium was live.

  11. For anyone who watches Avi he has always stressed the importance of Shabarium getting it right before release. He said no matter how long it takes that must be job one. He was spot on. This lack of attention to detail has marred what should have been a successful launch. Knowing that means we understand this new technology will have setbacks and patience is wise at this point.

  12. There is no quick money in SHIB, those days are long gone. With so many "quadrillion" tokens currently, the price has no chance of going up significantly. The promised burns won't materialize with the current tax rate employed by Shibarium. The absolute disaster of a launch didn't help. Altcoins had a terrible week BUT when most coins went down 10%, SHIB more than doubled that at over 20% loss. Can't just blame that on the market. Getting rid of the SHIB team is the only chance for this blockchain ecosystem to survive. It is not well served by this low-quality leadership.

  13. When it goes to $1000000000.😂😂😂

    U r dreaming bro. Wake up.

  14. The guy who had $1 billion worth of shib never could have sold it for that much. It just would have crashed the price if he sold it. If he is smart, he has split it into many wallets now. Then the next bull run he can sell it off slowly as liquidity allows. Then he will have to find a bank that will accept the large amount of money, without locking his accounts and reporting it as fraud, so he can pay taxes on it.

  15. Can new shib shake be 2x longer, same song, n new footage of you dancing the shake of the shibs?

  16. I still belive Shiba inu can hit 0.00004 this year and Even 0.005 i. 2024 🎉📈🚀💰💰💰

  17. I don’t think it launched I think they are playing us but I’m still a SHIB man I still in

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