Set up your environment for building on the Internet Computer (ICP)

Welcome to the world of the Internet Computer, a revolutionary new technology that is changing the way we think about computing. ♾️

In this video, we go through all the necessary steps for setting up your environment as a developer on the Internet Computer ☕️

Chapters 📚
0:00 Introduction
0:51 Step 0 – WSL2 (Windows only)
4:38 Step 1 – DFX
5:27 Step 2 – Node & NPM
6:12 Step 3 – Visual Studio Code
7:06 Step 4 – Extensions
8:06 Step 5 – Local deployment

Resources 🔗
– Documentation for installing WSL2:
– Download the Internet Computer SDK (DFX):
– Official website for Node:
– Official website for Visual Studio Code:

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About Code & State 🎬
Code & State is a Web3 Venture Studio empowering the next generation of entrepreneurs to build and earn on the Internet Computer.

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The Bootcamp is a virtual event where you will join other students for one intense week of learning about the Internet Computer and Motoko. You will assist lectures, solve challenges, and build your first project. This is your opportunity to enter the biggest growing Web3 ecosystem and help build the future of Web3.

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  1. Hello, if you have any problem installing dfx, please try to reboot the system, it may work

  2. ❤❤❤ thank you! ICP blockchain building is truly amazing!! ICP is the next Amazon of blockchain

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