Secret to Maximizing Trades on Pancake Swap (Binance Smart Chain DEX)

Quick video on maximizing trades on pancake swap. Using this technique you will always get the maximum coins on every trade. Remember every coin counts.

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If You’re Not Talking Gains, Then We’re Not Talking. 🙂

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30 gedachten over “Secret to Maximizing Trades on Pancake Swap (Binance Smart Chain DEX)”

  1. The market has changed so much. This isn’t really applicable now.

  2. Good Job! What Slippage tolerance do You recommend on token listing on pancake?

  3. So let's say you put a super high slippage, like 10%. What happens? Do you lose money somehow?

  4. When sell Price impace is 20 to 100 of Totall price of coin.only half amount availble

  5. So all I have to do change to slippage to 0.01? I thats all

  6. How are you actually tracking what gains you've made. BNB goes up and down and so does the coin that the BNB buys or swaps for. How you keeping track of all the coins prices and profit and loss?

  7. Slippage is crazy now a lot of trades on Pancake Swap you have to set the slippage of 5-15% or it won't even get you past an error code

  8. That would be great, but I hardly can buy with less than 8%

  9. Not applicable..min 10% to do any transaction..& that's how this shit pancake steals your money

  10. Please make a video of all fees on pancakeswap explained..

  11. i just want some explication if someone can help me. i bought a coin and then i went on the transaction link to see. and there is a thing called Blocks (which i think is chain block) which is charging and mine is 11milion blocks and it is charging very slow. i withdrawed some money and they didn't get in my metamask wallet not even after few houres. can someone explain me what is going on?

  12. Someone PLEASE help… what do I do about Price Impact?? I will go to buy $25k of a coin with BNB and only actually get $17k worth of the new coin because of price impact that then when that finally gets to $30,000, if take out only get like $22,000 in BNB and I lost money. It's so frustrating. I know if I do lower purchases it's a smaller price percentage but to equal $20,000 I got to do like 20 transactions at 1 BNB and by then the price went up. Please please Please help me. Thank you!

  13. Can’t withdraw pancake swap and meta mask such a headache as wealth will grow there something up

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