SEC Targets Crypto Exchanges! Coinbase To Leave U.S. As Bittrex Goes Bankrupt!


Once the largest crypto exchange in America Bittrex is filing for bankruptcy. Meanwhile Coinbase, in a bid to preserve its business, looks for greener pastures outside the U.S.

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11 gedachten over “SEC Targets Crypto Exchanges! Coinbase To Leave U.S. As Bittrex Goes Bankrupt!”

  1. Cryptocurrency IS an abstraction of Fiat Currency and SHOULD be treated as such.

    The value is in the blockchain ledger system, and the tokens onlyvhave value as long as people will collect, exchange, and keep.

    Cryptocurrency == Shells/Wooden Nickles

    Gold/Silver == Inherent value do to convertiblity into other products.

  2. Look up the different types of crypto I tell you there's only two types one to put your money in and you're the one you do not and that's one you're not need to put money in will make you go bankrupt immediately

  3. The two types of crypto meme coins which are made to be dumped and then Bitcoin which is a safe coin do not invest into mean coins if you don't want to lose all your money and I don't have any money in crypto or infested into crypto I just have too much time on my hands

  4. us fight the wrong battle ! the real danger is the crypto yuan !

  5. For me is about time to watch about Ukraine and then above guns YouTube is TV to me I do not have cable TV I only have cable internet got rid of my cable TV 4 years ago

  6. If anyone saw footage of Barbara Boxer returning to Congress and with Biden at the wheel I think you see a clear picture of the decision makers the US has. Pretty sure they think crypto is superman's dog

  7. I have a tiny bit of crypto just in case I'm wrong. lmao. I think the Fed is going to drop it like a hot rock the minute it suits their purposes and all their buddies have bought out of it.

  8. Biden was put in the Presidency to destroy our nation. Every step he has made has hurt us not helped. He is. Traitor beyond words and this must not be ignored. My god people, wake up!!!!!

  9. "Be miserable. Or motivate yourself. Whatever has to be done, it's always your choice." —Wayne Dyer

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