SEC Go After ChainLink? | Is Link Next After Ripple? | Cheeky Crypto

In this ChainLink cryptocurrency video we take a look at the latest LINK crypto news and see what has been happening in the Cryptocurrency space in the last 24 hours. We take a look at the news around ChainLink being targeted by the SEC after the Ripple Lawsuit. Will the SEC go after ChainLink next? What are your LINK price predictions? Let us know your LINK price thoughts in the comments below.

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18 gedachten over “SEC Go After ChainLink? | Is Link Next After Ripple? | Cheeky Crypto”

  1. Chris looks like he’s had a little too much egg nog. Hahah

  2. Merry Christmas everyone🍷🎄🎁 may have to rewatch this. A tad tipsy with Christmas cheer.

  3. Right now I think it’s safe to say the SEC has every crypto currency set in its eye sight, again this is a hit at crypto currency to try and draw people back to the dollar, until ripple (its biggest target) wins and stops these muppets in their tracks

  4. I think VET might be next if you think about it, the CEO has admitted in an interview he controls the price, I have a bag of VET but, just saying.

  5. Guys I bought in at 18p a coin now at 26 merry Christmas. So free xrp for me

  6. Same garbage with chainlink trying to shake people out. How did that work out for xrp holders??

  7. Ripple scammed people over xrp over and over agin. Rip xrp always did let me down.. the most obvious pyramid scam of them all.. they say like yeah were developing this asdet for crossborder payments, for institutional use. Well only retail investors most amature investors invested. Ask your self why havent no institutions used xrp allready?? If its been a "currency".. well theysaw the scam that ripple was pulling off by dumping escrow profits on institutional behalf. Come on they own 50% of all xrps, they have full controll over the cash flow ,they can manipulate the price how ever they wish pulling profits dumping buy upps so on so on.. no entrepenuer on earth would be stupid enough to buy an asset thats company owend and comapny regulated.. and if the institutions struck a deal with ripple on xrp then its a security even tlugh they call it an asset for now. They should have burned all their escrows or had no escrow att all, because now they just hold zero worth xrp and by dumping on the market pulled profit, and if they buildt there company on the it as they did its like a stock. So its a security

  8. Yesterday Bitboy Crypto put a video about this, I kinda believe him because not while ago he posted a video about some event to happen to LINK and did happen, cant remember what, a price crash as well I think, I didn't make much of it im not invested in LINK, anyways, apparently he knows someone in the core of the LINK community. Oh and I'm new to the channel, thanks for the videos guys and merry xmas 😉

  9. Thats fake news they just want the the price lower then whales buy haha

  10. link, yeah, i'd say tron too but it's already less than 3 cents lol.

  11. We need a list of all the currencies that could be considered securities.

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