SafeMoon Working on V1 TAX REFUND! SAFE MOON Barajally LINK! SAFEMOON NEWS TODAY! Safemoon holders affected by the V1 100% tax are being focused on. For those who lost 100% safemoon with the V1 migration, the safemoon team is working on getting you your safemoon back. Safe Moon is shown to have yet another link to the barajally group ltd. An old reddit post might break what was previously thought to be speculation about safemoon and its intended purpose and this could be huge for everyone, including safemoon holders.

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30 gedachten over “SafeMoon Working on V1 TAX REFUND! SAFE MOON Barajally LINK! SAFEMOON NEWS TODAY!”

  1. When do you think the Safemoon price will trend up? I keep hearing all of the positive things that are coming up but no of that news has helped the price.

  2. John's brother left… hm… hope it wont be next the fudhound… next john himself.
    Edit: I told you simpletons this week's ago. that fudhound will leave and he is leaving. i seriously regretted investing in safemoon. cheers to everyone who invested to make the dev rich.

  3. Joe, I really give up. I hope you respond but who knows. So I been with safemoon since last april. On board and followed everything, including you. Loved the vision, and dream that safemoon had. But every big promise falls flat. I'm convinced there team is full of incompetence. There is a huge list of promise that never happen. Like every single one. They have 300-400 million locked away from v1 safemoon. So that was a rug pull. I have always been on board, but I see more and more people leaving and cant make anymore excuses. Safemoon is done. Will never be in Gambia, will never power anything with turbines, will never be on any really good exchanges. Will never be the best at reflections on tokennomics. Vgx debit card will kill anything safemoon does. It's just a child project with children running it. Will do nothing better then its competitors do. I'm done. I will continue to hold for what if reasons. Honestly will never put another penny into this project or have any hope for it. Goodluck and hope I'm wrong

  4. if everything is so promising, why is the price constantly going down !!! if it were all so good, the price would have started to grow unstoppably a long time ago !!!

  5. Damn Joe is the friend you need and don't need. He hype you up over anything and everything and something. He's so positive, you don't even know where to improve.

  6. Recently Bitrise got their own blockchain, right after it increased with over 1100% in 24 hours. This coin started last summer, and struggled with a lower price like most new projects until now. It just shows how important blockchain and exchanges truly are so it can help increase the trading volume tremendously. This makes me excited because the growth potential for Safemoon could be unlimited once they relase their own product line including the blockchain and exchange. So glad i'm holding my coins, because the price could change so fast that it will be hard to get in again once it starts pumping! #Safemoon

  7. what's up Joe,
    what's going to happen with us people holding Psafemoon in our Safemoon wallets, are they going to migrate it to V2? or did we just lose all of our money?

  8. It's great to see there are still selfless people out there that care about the loss of those around them great video Joe

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