In this video we discuss about Safemoon and the latest updates! With a spice of ta

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  1. GVR 💎 is the new Gem. Trusted, updates, ANOTHER listing Tomorrow! Amazing 🤩

  2. Thanks for fixing your volume. I can finally hear what you are saying. 👍

  3. I feel bad for SAFEMOON community, I had to sell mine. I just couldn't take it, trust is gone. Sad. I was so BULLISH before the Wallet botch. I had loaded up hard, the price went up, then it flopped. Come to find out John knew it was going to fail and they did they count down and hype anyway. Remember they said the card was out, it's not. Remember over a year ago they said Exchange and Blockchain October and December? Then a migration before they accomplished anything?? All that = No trust. It's sad, community (including myself) just kept trying to back it. I hope one day they do well. But they will have a hard time being taken seriously. Even if products do come out, I don't think anyone will use them. It's been one disaster after another. Remember Papa the great wizard? I can go on all day.. be safe all..

  4. I can wait many more months. Every month another couple thousands of safemoon are longer in my posession than 1 year. Here in germany you can sell these with 0 tax 😀 FIFO #safemoonarmy I will dca more, and I will despite the naysayers 😀

  5. Just like in the beginning when people were bashing Bitcoin and bnb, same goes with Safemoon. Patience is the key, things will slowly fall into place.

  6. Aaaaaad John Krony took a shit on you guys again🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  7. Ok…but as for Mr. Adult!!!

    You can't market a product…if you don't have a product to market!! But the thing is….that Mr. ADULT needs to wake up and smell the roses…

    When you do all of these marketing clues…and tell the Army this will be released imminently…then…NOTHING!!

    Or…hype up the SafeMoon Birthday Party for the entirety of March will be a celebration….and all you basically get is a video release!!

    Mr. Adult….needs to grow up and be an adult. And don't try to pass SafeMoons short comings failure back onto the Army. That when you promote something….and don't deliver.

    Your reputation goes down the tube. Of promises and never delivering on what you say!!

    Ok….and I do appreciate that there are loads of demeaning people in the world, like in the comments. I get it!! However….

    SafeMoon created this promote something and then non-delivery!!! And Mr. Adult says, SafeMoon is promoting engagement for when the products arrive.

    That's absolutely not true…SafeMoon has had no engagement for months. It's why the SafeMoon price has been trending down….and SafeMoon has propped the price up twice already!!

    Sooo….Mr. Audt is blowing smoke about SafeMoon is building engagement….yes…behind the scenes, with more business partners coming in. But not in the public domain.

    And yes….I know very well why the products aren't being released. Just like Karony said….there is an affiliated company that has had, major setbacks. That has forced SafeMoon to change the release of their products.

    I totally get it…DarkMoon Tim and I have have brought this up several times.

    But anyway…!!

    I really am disappointed in Mr. Adults comments. As that whole commentary made little sense. In Mr. ADULT speaking of SafeMoon's marketing…to market to create engagement…ok!!

    But when you don't delivery…and just tell people to be patient…that situation is on you Mr. Adult….not the Army.

    That was a very short sided comment. I understand the frustration…..but I also. Do know what's coming!! As I've reported on it several times.

    But Mr. Adults comment was not appropriate….short sided….and, disappointing!!


  8. Mad props to Ryan the FUD hound for pointing out that safemoon is shite

  9. "Bearish for now" Dude this trash has been bearish for 15 months

  10. all these shit heads in this comment thread will be gone soon.

  11. i love all this fud you guys fudding aren't going to make it in crypto in general and im glad because your dumbass doesnt deserve to ever have a cent to your name! come at me #safemoon

  12. What a fluff answer from Mr adult. Stop trying to sugar coat everything and be an Adult. I’m in the top holder bracket since near the beginning and will continue to hold but come on SFM hasn’t delivered on a F*ing important thing ( yet )

  13. Capsule was $250. I got it and am happy with the quality. You can’t except a Rolex on a timex budget.

  14. It’s frustrating. You should be able to give an accurate completion time to any project. If they just told us when everything will be completed and stuck to it then it would build trust. Project Management is not rocket science.

  15. Maybe I’ll get my $2500 back someday. Won’t sell it till the next bull run. Maybe I’ll get my money back. First negative safemoon post from me. Really tough to be positive on this project. Love JWK content!

  16. Reflections. Multiple stinky projects coming together for 1 reason. GIANT LIQUIDITY POOL SCHEME. Insiders with their associates hyping with multiple posts all day to pump cruddy tokens with LP buys, then dump those bags on unknowing outsiders.

  17. All these burnt token go exactly where? I will assume not bunt wallet because this 561bn token should have been in the 400bn this year with all these daily burn. That’s bing conservative. If I were to add those numbers as a fraction of what were taking out of the cir supply, that makes no sense. Buying and selling also remove coins. Don’t explain to me because I use their logics and it’s not making sense.

  18. I’m legit laughing at anyone who thinks a company can release multiple ground breaking products that are looking to rumble their industry…. Within 2 years

  19. Hi Guys,
    Needing some advise, I've not looked at my Safemoon wallet for around 8 months, I've got 250M Safemoon V1.
    Is it worth converting to V2 ?
    If so how can this me done ?

  20. Bro you still promotion this scam? Wtf John, papas, and the entire team needs to be hung by the neck at the local street corner as a example….. These j holes stole sooo much. Super sad your day I'll promoting this crap.

  21. Safemoon is a scam, I can not believe some people still believe in it. I hope I will someday encounter Karony…. it is not going to be a good day for him

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