#SAFEMOON v2 is HERE! How to SWAP from V1 to V2 on #iOS

We just downloaded V2 and swapped over! check out the improvements and be sure to tune into Safemoon Sunday for more details!

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  2. Can it automate migrate in hotbit ,bitmart and any other exchange??

  3. Hello Mr. Jonathan
    I migrated v1 to v2 from my trust wallet but they are disappear from trust wallet. could you please tell me how to retrieve them? Thank you so much

  4. How long will it take to see your reflection on v2? Mine is still zero. What's wrong?

  5. Will I be charged a 10% transaction fee by trust wallet after I covert to V2?

  6. Can you do a video showing how this migration can be done using Trustwallet only? Is that possible?

  7. This shit is a fuckin scam they are making money from you when you convert it

  8. So I just swapped over to V2 within the Safemoon wallet. I get that 3 digits were taken away since the price is also down 3 zeros. I don’t quite understand what’s the point of this. Please explain. I feel dumb. Lol

  9. When I swapped my 64 million v1 it changed it to only 64k v2 how come?

  10. is it a different process if I chose to not link my trust wallet with Safemoon and open a new Safemoon wallet instead ? I live in Ontario and Binance is no longer accepted here after 2021 im assuming that goes for trust wallet too so I don't want my Safemoon to get stuck. please help me

  11. Why do I need to move regular SafeMoon to V2? Also what if it says I don’t have enough bnb

  12. If i buy Safemoon now Will i need to swap this or not in Hotbit exchange.

  13. Pls i want to know if there is any problem still having the safemoon v2 on trust wallet….. because i have changed mine to safemoon v2 but the coin is still on trust wallet or do i have to send it to my new safemoon v2 application?

  14. Hi guys SFM in my trust wallet I already custom the token, however if I wanna sell my SFM in pancakeswap I cant even I copy SFM address contract in pancakeswap still doesnt shows. Anyone can fix this? How am I able to withdraw the SFM token momey in future?

  15. My tokens are with bitmart exchange, can do they swaping for me?

  16. Great video, best one I've seen so far. Question: I don't get the "Upgrade to Safemoon v2" message on my phone after I click on swap. I have safemoon on my trust wallet, but I can't figure out how to swap onto the safemoon wallet. I also added money on the BSC thinking that might help, but I don't can't swap front v1 to v2

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