SAFEMOON V2 Consolidation (Explained)

Courtesy of u/Samfordawg on the SafeMoon subreddit explaining why he thinks SafeMoon’s V2 Consolidation is going to change everything. Let’s talk about it on Kyle Talks Money.

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30 gedachten over “SAFEMOON V2 Consolidation (Explained)”

  1. Kyle talks money promised to gve away free safemoons ?? Where is it

  2. so if someone were to have 100,000,000 tokens and the consolidation happens. Does your tokens shrink as well. and it will drop to 100,000 tokens?

  3. I just don't understand why safemoon did a reverse split when they already have reflection burn. They told us to buy and hold long term and let the burn take care of the rest. Now it seems like everyone hand is in the cookie jar. Gotta move here, gotta move there, pay this fee, pay that fee. Why not just start out with V2 wallet. This Coin is starting to feel like an OTC stock.

  4. It’s a reverse split. Stop putting lipstick on the pig. You’re counting on people being easily manipulated as the purpose to plug this process. Basically, we get rich if people are easily fooled by numbers.

  5. I got me 1b safemoon bro and I bought KEEP because of your advice thanks bro. God bless Safemoon!

  6. ⤴️⤴️⤴️thanks for keeping it real man.invested $100 on a coin and it’s on a rise to $1k

  7. Safemoon is Bull Shit they want people to steal from fraudsters , trash!

  8. it's absolutely the future…. some of the biggest use cases will be coming

  9. No offense, but this video explained almost nothing, and misrepresents quite a bit.

  10. Safemoon is the Forgotten Hero! Soon it will be massive on the global space and stage. Holding still since late March.

  11. Will suck to go from 37 million tokens to what, 3.7 million, but I'm more concerned with how much my investment is worth rather than how much of it I have.

    So excited

  12. One thing no one has ever explains is the formula you use to calculate your coin value after the V2 conversion.

  13. historical holder of Safemoon. I hope that the switch to V2 will be extremely simplified … This operation should not be a gas plant that penalizes the people who have supported the project since the early days!

  14. But would the amount of money be the same.

    If 1 billion tokens turns into 1 million and lets say it hits 0.01. Would that be 10 million$ still or 15,000$?

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