SafeMoon Stolen Liquidity Funds RETURNED | What’s Next

The majority of the stolen SafeMoon liquidity funds have now been returned. What’s next? Let’s talk about that.

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DISCLAIMER: This is NOT financial advice. I am NOT a financial advisor. Everything I’m sharing is my own opinion, my own research and I HIGHLY encourage you to go do your own research.

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17 gedachten over “SafeMoon Stolen Liquidity Funds RETURNED | What’s Next”

  1. I'm new to trading, How can I get more profitable investment in the market. Without incurring much losses?

  2. No one will buy with this dude as CEO. Back then the army would go against the gods for him. Now they barely wanna behest from him. He stole from them and has not delivered a credible product to help the price. Patient has ran out. People are fed up.

  3. Good news? It’s a scam. They stole the LP, then acted like it was a hacker so they could keep 20%. Are you people this stupid? You’re literally being slowly robbed. smfh

  4. Atlas – why don't you do a tracker to show exactly how much has been added? Generally safemoon always seem to keep a little/ a lot back.. that would be genuine journalism.

  5. Safemoon is a scam. No serious companies wants to be associated with karony for legal reasons…

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