SafeMoon SECRETLY Testing Multiple Blockchain BURNS

SafeMoon has started testing burning on additional blockchains as is noted here with Polygon. What does it mean? Let’s talk about that.

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12 gedachten over “SafeMoon SECRETLY Testing Multiple Blockchain BURNS”

  1. Man my mill cost me more then 2k, inwested 4 times buying dips, this is frustrating

  2. One quick look at the trashmoon chart and its nonexistant volume is enough to know its a dead ponzi

  3. You're looking at this backwards!! SafeMoon is building bridges, yes!! But bridges work 2ways. And SafeMoon said we're building many bridges to bridge traffic on many blockchains…ON TO THE SAFEMOON BLOCKCHAIN!!

    And when these other coins and traffic are bridged over to run on the SafeMoon Exchange or SafeMoon blockchain..etc. Those other coins and traffic being bridged onto the SafeMoon system…..those other coins will go thru tokenomics. There will be burns and reflections of those other tokens. And we will get reflections for that…

    Ok….sooo….SafeMoon has said they are doing test burns with other chains, and coins. So like yeah…
    Why wouldn't you be doing test burns now!! Because traffic on those system will eventually be bridged onto The SafeMoon System…of burns and reflections.

    But you keep talking about SafeMoon building bridges onto other chains. So DafeMoon will run on their system.. Well yeah….but eventually as Thomas and Karony told us over a year ago.

    These bridges are being built to divert heavy traffic onto the SafeMoon system. And SafeMoon will be collecting fees from that traffic. I mean back then…

    Karony said we're bridged with about 14 other chains so we can carry their traffic too!!!!! And we're building many more!!

    But your talking only about SafeMoon only bridging onto their chains. Nope…Papa and Karony told us. They're building tons of bridges to most all chains. So that SafeMoon will be the backbone chain!! Thatvtraffic on those chains will bridge over to the SafeMoon chain.
    SafeMoon is built to be the freeway for all these other chains to speed their traffic to the end goal…where it will then get switched/bridged back to their original chain!!

    THAT…makes SafeMoon the backbone of the WEB3!!


  4. Safemoon need to speed up the burn in anyway possible.Current volume is very poor.

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