25 gedachten over “SAFEMOON PRICE PUMPS!!! in 2022”

  1. I want to wake up one morning and find out that my portfolio is $1,000,000 . I know it’s possible

  2. Whales are buying Safemoon right now bc they see SF going to the moon! $1 soon

  3. One day I want to live long enough to either see safemoon hit $1 or see the bots on YouTube comments stop spamming about fake investors.

  4. steven lesson #1 when you tweeting stuff use # for example #safemoon top 10 #crypto that way you get more exposure to people and companies !

  5. I'm really glad you stood with the community. You have a great sense of humor and very informative. Great job Steve.

  6. Sfm needs a buy to burn feature. If all holders bought a big amount at this price with the intention of burning the the total purchase ( not what they already hold). How much would each holder have to buy to burn to lower the supply by a billion?


  8. Hey Steve great video I hate the hints, lol but it is what it is … loving the uptrend

  9. I see others hearing about a price rising and joining back in the family. With the push for Safemoon on other exchanges and products around the corner we can be back to the levels most of us remember and beyond those prices. I am very happy with Safemoon and the ride it has given me. As a true investor in all sorts of investments, this one I have a good feeling about.

  10. lol talking about the top 10 and it wasn't even listed hahaha

  11. Bro where are the fudders now 😅…. What else am I investing in…. Derace crypto…. Very low market cap. Will provide explosive returns I think. There ya go bud!

  12. I think everyone deserves happiness and some good news in Crypto after a rough few years, with the pandemic, war etc…

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