SafeMoon NETWORKING | Bitcoin 2023 Conference

The SafeMoon team as well as BBTF and The Mirror Protocol attend the Bitcoin 2023 Conference in Florida.

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12 gedachten over “SafeMoon NETWORKING | Bitcoin 2023 Conference”

  1. Do you think the price tickets for the convention were appropriate or too expensive?

  2. I think JK needs to read the safemoon community room! Photos like this just piss me off knowing that the lp was recently effed' with and Safemoons price and volume remains abysmal.

  3. Who wants to network with a guy, who has too much controversy/ questions surrounding him?

    Answer: Other Scammers!

  4. This past few days watching my crypto portfolio decline is very disheartening. Holding doesn't really profit much. Any idea on how to earn better in the short run?

  5. I love your personality, it's so fun and infectious.

  6. They need to create an event for a first time user and have it lean more to educate people. They could have tagged it on the day before the conference and promote it free.

  7. Pre existing politicians… Lol.. that was just funny to me for some reason…

  8. Safemove 🤣 gimme your money so I can safely move it to me and the inner circles personal bank accounts 🤣

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