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  1. I live on the east coast of FL near SpaceX. I just watched the SpaceX rocket go up from my front door. It was awesome!

  2. Hey Joe, moving to Florida, check out Crystal River and Homosassa area 40min north of Tampa, Great location and good school system,, I love it here in Homosassa also from 3rd Avenue Bronx where I grew up ,see you soon, praying for your dad

  3. If Safemoon and Mandela worked together on the code to make this work shouldn’t it just for the most part be a copy and paste for other exchanges. I know I’m simplifying a bit lol but you have to think most of these exchanges are running pretty similar. Most of all of Mandela is just providing Safemoon the stats of what’s happening and Safemoon is the one doing the burn and giving out reflections. Seems every exchange could handle that. Ps Joe TERRY SILVER RULES LOL… cobra Kia never dies 👍

  4. joe i'm a Nigerian, we hold safemoon very strong here… diamond hands here.. literally all my relations are holding safemoon diamond hands… we are watching and we stand strong with sfm forever..

  5. Mandala listing is good but not seeing the momentum yet …Binance would be better but let’s see …SAFEMOON to the moon 🔥🚀

  6. Take a look at Dogs of Elon, It‘s basically a crossover between Cryptopunks and the meme culture. Audited, strong community and great roadmap. I genuinely believe there is potential. It‘s worth to look into

  7. With the speed of holder growth coupled with the burn strategy for every transaction, I see Safemoon hitting $1 and could even go up to $5 before 2024

  8. A message for impatient bearers… On 11/04/2020 Solana was at 0.88. On 12/11/2020 Solana was at 1.49. As of 11/5/2021, Solana was at $259. I'm sure many Solana holders were frustrated and angry from 4/11 to 11/12/2020. Now these same holders are kicking each other for not being patient

  9. Your a great man joe. Love your idea of helping people out. Your a big part of why the safmoon community is so great. Happy to be part of thus army 💪

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