Safemoon Joe sold WTF! 100 million burned! 🔥 w/ bran shingleton

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  1. You hit the sentiment right on the head. I didnt see it coming..we was correcting himself saying I am or I was multiple times. He was heated and noone thinks clearly when heated. What was his source.? TrustMeBro. Another banger from you. The army is coming to your channel and others to fill the void 🔥🚀🌛😎

  2. I got a good bag let's see.People need to just hold and forget about it if you believe.I been loading up on metahero,harmony,biconomy exchange,starlink,all long-term.dont expect to get rich over night.

  3. Hearing Joe might be butt hurt the NFT project he was involved in didn’t go over well with the army. People wasn’t interested in buying the NFT’s.

  4. Safemoon Joe has mentioned in a previous video that he holds high amounts of Safemoon in multiple wallets, so he might not be 100% out.

  5. 🤧🤡🤡, Open your eyes no real utility , there’s so many other good projects out there that’s actually doing something, let’s be real what actually SafeMoon really done other besides made a wallet??

  6. You're not f'ing leaving! Haha.. Actually, don't say that. He left.

    I really don't get Joe… He needs to change everything now. He is getting more money from somewhere

  7. Safemoon Joe had a Hissy Fit, he was rejected by John and Safemoon. His thoughts clouded by entitlement, Burn32 pay day died, sold 1M SFM, then came LP injection, didn’t DCA, shafted by Drip, Drip Garden, Animal Farm, Safuu and other Ponzis. No profits in sight, “Facepalm Joe”.

  8. He's not the only one who sold. Karoney and friends just pulled out all the money they just finished moving and left the holders with Jack squat. Hodl on, maybe one day they'll let you have some crumbs

  9. Goodbye Joe!
    I unsubscribed from your YT Channel.
    Nobody cares what Karony did
    There is a day coming when you will regret selling all of your SafeMoon and I will still be HODLing.

    By the way… Thank you for the amazing Reflections!

  10. We were waiting the 32 project as something good, and Safmoon gave out a stupid NFT fundraising project that benefits the youtube cheerleaders. Good for Joe that got out. Better late than never…. I just wait to get the money that I invested, and never look back….

  11. Funny how he still using the safemoon name and the safemoon hat. Also he owned around around 10 million safemoon (unless he was lying about it).

  12. You could see Coroni’s wallet address taking funds to buy expensive things. You need to sell before it’s too late man

  13. I really thought Safemoonjoe will make it to the finish line.. boy was I wrong..Not t
    Now iam Seriously considering Brandon 🤔..
    Would you sell Brandon? or Hold with us for the next 3+ yrs..

  14. Doesn't it concern you how Safemoon burns tens of millions of tokens everyday, yet the price keeps dropping? It's secretly losing market cap without many realizing..

    Also, if you are going to go the trading card route, you should at least consider a blockchain version like Splinterlands. Like in real estate, you are acquiring assetts that you can mkje a return on and hope to appreciate over time. Plus, its much easier to endure a bear market when you can use your assetts to play and earn. For me, Splinterlands is where most of my crypto investments are in right now.

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