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  1. LP reacted d ryt way, she is vur.Monster need of over drama, or over consider ations. She don't deserve *considerationsk. Lp പറഞ്ഞ പോലെ,, ജീവിതം തുടങ്ങിയല്ലേ ഉള്ളു, പഠിക്കട്ടെ.

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  3. I wonder can we file a class action suit against Joe since he was promoting it for safemoon.

  4. do you think he got paid a bag to promote? and or was in on it? no way someone just doesnt do any research. although it is Joe…

  5. I looked into Swello when Joe was talking about it and I called out the rug within a min of looking over it and then I made a comment on the bragging video where he said he was up 5k in a week telling people not to invest and stop leading your followers into a scam ..for Joe to invest in that shows how dumb he is ..or was trying to lead his followers to it ..I did notice he did state that you had to be invited to purchase the crypto which was also weird to me ..

  6. How did that clown get 30K subs with just 8 videos, he must have a big habit of promoting scams then deleting them.

  7. This Joe guy is obviously some one desperate and looking to make quick buck by any means necessary and like a criminal will always fail in the end very sad to see.The moral of story here is never to follow blindly an everyday average Joe do your own reaserch and only take advice from highly qualified Professional.

  8. Of course ne knew..look how he's turned on safemoon…the guys obsessed to fud the token…

  9. Safemoon Joe is Luis Sanabria a convicted felon. Convicted of financial crimes served time in prison for financial crimes.

  10. Can't stand stuff like this. Good for you for bringing awareness to your community and overall. Kuddos and great channel my friend.

  11. JOE did not say we All are going to make money! He said we CAN ALL make money. Which is the truth we CAN all make money or loose it too. Words have meaning. Not Joes responsibly. Joe Also said he did not research the project but that he jumped into it! Also said if it rug pulls they will find a way to blame him kinda like you are doing! Joe did not do the rug pull the crypro did!!

  12. Instant karma! You talk shit so shit will hit you back in your face!

  13. The irony is, with the mantra of "Do your own research", I feel he is let off the hook because I did my own research and didn't buy it after researching it, so….🤷🏾‍♂️

    Now, obviously I'm not defending Safemoon Joe, here (personally I believe he is a scoundrel and has been revealed to be a rank amateur, which is disappointing), and I guess the law is about defending the average consumer. But I definitely take the mantra of "NFA", "Do your own research" seriously, and maybe I wouldn't if that wasn't mentioned on every youtuber's videos. Lol. So I don't know what the legal remedy for this kind of stuff is, I just know if one took the mantra seriously, they would have saw all of the holes in Joe pushing it. Least of all that he was shilling an overbought top, that he had already profitted from, BEFORE you even get into the liquidity scam aspect. So that alone would have told you to at least wait for the correction. Lol.

    Great video, by the way. You have a new subscriber.

  14. Joe develop a following after covering Safemoon for a year. Then he tried to use his influence to grift over 70K off of the Safemoonarmy. He got super angry that the Safemoon team didn’t let him use their brand to directly advertise and push his BS NFT project. That’s when he turned on SFM and the army. He then started shilling Swello.

  15. I wouldnt be surprised if he had this idea a while ago, this time last year he would post hype videos like every other day for views. But the last couple months hes been completely quiet…strange

  16. Yeah it’s criminal. He duped his followers to invest and then loses people a lot of money. That last pump was cause of him, he’s complicate and also a criminal.

  17. I think it’s best to steer clear of any of his advice, YouTube’s, whatever.

    He needs a break, but won’t take it.

    I agree with you, he does have a responsibility with that many followers, SFM die hards might not like what I’m about to say, but it doesn’t matter where they came from.

    It’s nearly 40k folks that might have thought they could use the rug to there advantage, or are new to crypto and just had their investment taken.

    Good video. Subscribed and following from now on. We need more YouTubers that are willing to look into these things. Problem is it can be hard for some to hear.

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