22 gedachten over “Safemoon is putting the LP back!”

  1. The irony in all of this is you swore complete allegiance to this garbage project. So many videos you posted over and over saying you'd go down with until zero and it was the best thing since sliced bread. Its amusing to see you do a 180 now. You have finally wised up. Never marry a project. Hold until the right time then sell that shit and make your profits.

  2. I’ll ride what I have invested in Safemoon. I don’t always agree with what you have to say, but enjoy your videos. Either way I invest into long term Dividend paying ETF’s in my Roth. I’ll be fine 😊

  3. I have never heard such ballshit what a Fudder I will be unsubscribing

  4. Yes this is weird. I have been in crypto since 2017. I kind of regret getting into Safemoon. But eventually one of my investments will work out I believe. Lunch have you looked into TSUKA token? Some believe that it is the next Shib.

  5. Wonder if Brandon Shingleton is involved in this in some way shape or form?

  6. Good video. You hit the nail on the head. Play the game with these coins buy in low and when it bounces up sell and make a profit. 😀

  7. Ramblin' is an understatement. So many contradictions in this video and doesn't help anyone.
    What's funny is the amount of youtubers that came out of the woodwork to give their "well informed" expertise and opinions the minute Safemoon has drama. The truth is none of ya'll know anything more than what has been put out by safemoon already, but your like vampire bats sucking off what's left of an emaciated cow.

  8. check which big wallets bought after the LP pull, they will be linked in with the other dodgy karony wallets

  9. Don’t buy again. He used this for clout. He wanted to Pull a Jessie Smolliett on people. He’s got called out and panicked because the SEC is not playing this tax season.

  10. It was always a PR stunt….and it clearly worked 😂🤣

  11. Ok Mr. Tin Foil hat 😂….Safemoon continues to live in your brain cells and continues to make you look like a fool. I don’t remember you posting a video bashing Binance when they were exploited for 250M and they never got it back. L O S E R 🙄

  12. It takes time for safemoon to produce products. As long as they do them . Did you expect all that in the first year . Ahahs then you're gullible joke and bitching like lil girl won't help. Do yourself a favor and sell your tokens .

  13. Did u sell your 7 mil bag? How did u get from suporter to no suport

  14. 😂 you are a real life drama queen man… you make up shit to sound smart… you have no evidence to support nothing you said about the LP…

  15. We have to unite & not migrate to another Safemoon contract. We have to stay here

  16. Just get Internet Computer Protocol, a real project with a real OG Scientist. I just dumped the last of my safemoon for it

  17. That's hilarious! My space capsule box arrived with all smalls when I had ordered extra larges! Funny to hear someone else got their order screwed up.

    I've sold now, after holding since before the V1 parabolic too! This LP hack cooked my goose, stinks of inside job and now they're using treasury funds to top up LP, it makes me just think that them stolen funds are never going back to either LP or treasury, it will end up being funds for Karony's latest collection of Rolex watches and supercars.

  18. How's the kids travelling after your shit investments ?
    Back at Walmart doing the daily grind no doubt.
    Stop stressing, can see it in your hairline big fella.

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