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I am not a financial advisor this is purely my opinion.

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21 gedachten over “SAFEMOON INFLUENCER SORRY?”

  1. Safemoon as a whole is a business. It became a gigantic business with a few bad seeds. The business will continue and find an interim CEO. The block chain, exchange are real things. John is being charged for breaking rules two years ago. Elon musk does the same thing as John does. He takes peoples money pays himself and networth goes up. Makes empty promises so people give him their money. Which is fraud also. All these guys commit fraud all the time.

  2. Respectfully, what proof does ANYONE have that a blockchain and an exchange are real things?? I hope the Safemoon community can recover from this but almost everything that was promised hasn't been delivered. I wish you the best but sometimes you gotta have the strength to walk away. 🙏

  3. I’ll be honest Joe I believed a lot in Safemoon because of your videos and when you left I wasn’t mad more just confused and hoping something happened personally between you and John.

    Thanks for not making this harder on all of us holders even knowing what you knew.

  4. There are many ways around it. One of which is to seize his assets(their assets) and put that moneyback into the project. You cannot lose more because John and Thomas and Kyle stole. If they recover half and take a cut, it's still many millions. On top of that, appoint a new CEO. It may not be too late. A lot of people still believe in that project.

  5. Covering his *ss, he's concern of some legal repercussion.

  6. Yep.. he's definitely covering his *ss.. guilty as hell.

  7. Don’t kick him while he’s down your better than that Joe. We all learning and hope can be a sick powerful thing.

  8. I made only 3 SFM videos and got out when Safemoon whale left. Sometimes the Truth Hurts 🤣🥲 hope Atlas grows some balls after this.

  9. You are pathetic mate! Licking their asses even knowing they were stealing peoples money, even though coffeezila had disclosed all BS that coin was…

  10. Bro I’m a day one supporter of you and atlas. I literally commented and told him multiple times everyone know it’s a scam and asked why he still doing videos. He skipped over my question so many times that guy is a dick for that. But I can admit he make good content and is a ok guy but a idiot for keeping the ball rolling on a scam shit is crazy

  11. You hit it right on the got dam head Brother !👏🏽
    he could have all the hope. he wanted and risk all of the bags that he wanted but at the end of the day he was/is an influencer and people were tuning in to see what he had to say. Yeah, I know not financial advice, blah blah blah, but he knew that he was still getting views and comments he should’ve just presented both sides equally 🖕🏽

  12. It seems he’s apologizing because he’s afraid for his own life for making videos that lost people money. So he’s apologizing BUT is trying to explain how he himself has also lost money so they feel for him. – cryptologic linguist

  13. Glad to have you have doing a little more Safemoon content Joe! Never a dull moment with this community lol

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  15. Atlas is piece off s and he is only sorry about himself. and by the way he is not a financial advisor.

  16. I was there a few days after safemoon dropped. There was so many things with safemoon that didnt seem right then and with some insight i left shortly after….im talking about the other cou try it was teying to get into and john kept saying he was going to.

  17. Wat do u know, safemoon joe! Lucky u choose the other route, ppl should do their own research i mean youtubers can gif u their insight on topic but its up to us. Thankz joe, but honestly ur safemoon vdo 2 years ago was wow, lucky i pull out the same time as u👍🏼and i still remember u were having haters when u decided to pull out from safemoon, wat happened to gambia?😂😂wat happened to the turbine? But yea it was the past☺️

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