Safemoon – I’m Not Sorry

I AM NOT A FINANCIAL ADVISOR! This video is providing you with information on what I think and what I believe! Do your own research.

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Safemoon CEO, former CTO Thomas Smith and original creator Kyle Nagy have been arrested with Nagy still remaining at large. The SEC and FBI has arrested both John and Thomas for their part in the safemoon project.

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  1. Look at the positives. You got a free education in crypto. Doesnt seem important? Think about it, most of society has zero association with crypto at all. If you own safemoon that means or should mean you went through the biggest crypto scam ever!! You have a leg up on the market and an understanding that most people dont know. Yes SIR GOOD PROJECTS ARE THERE!!!

  2. I just wish John would sell the SafeMoon LLC to someone who actually cares about the community. Don’t drag us all through your mistakes john. Let us move the project forward without you.

  3. I repeatedly gave Crypto Atlas criticism in many Safemoon videos, even got him to respond a few times, I was also a Safemoon holder that lost, If you want to be a responsible Crypto content provider you should report all the negatives as well and not marry any crypto, regardless of your position. Glad Crypto Atlas made that video, that is what many Crypto Youtubers do not do, like 'Technerd' he is doubling down and buying more and then he says this is not financial advice, wtf?.. Also, sorry for anyone losing so much money, Atlas is doing the right thing, it's part of him growing up in this space. I for one appreciate his apology. Keep it 💯 You made a really good video here. Giving u a subscribe my man.

  4. I kept telling him long ago why are you still in this scam? . We all pulled out Cypro Moon boy, Safemoon Joe, OxArjay, Alex Bergman. And you made a big mistake what sucks is alot of people lost money because of his video also.

  5. That apology video p*ssed me off if im to be honest but at least he finally woke up and may get through to other cultists

  6. If anyone had bothered to look at the code. The rug pull is IN THE CODE.

  7. Everyone apportioning blame on influencers. Wake up take control of your own assets.Stop being sheep. Your money your investments,your risk… Period.

  8. Great vid! I’m not buying it ONLY because crypto is the wild Wild West. & everyone knows this UNLESS u are brand new to the space, he could or should have reported that because at the end of the day you are still an influencer it doesn’t matter if you say, not financial advice, blah blah blah people watch for information and opinions.
    I cut him loose a while ago he was too one sided, and if you’re only giving one side because of your feelings or bag, oh well🤷🏽‍♂️

  9. I almostly loose my investment but my Broker advised me not to invest in that coin because of its inconsistently in the exchange market.

  10. CORNBAAAAALLL! Dude u love safemoon! Keep makin your “hate” videos lol, your like the ex gf who just wont leave

  11. Just remember I am not a financial advisor…..I would laugh and still do when i hear people say this. The fact is when everyone talks about these projects they are giving financial advice. Smh

  12. One talentless loser watching n making fun of another talentless loser 🤣🤣

  13. Defi has been tarnished because it seems like everyone is just a scammer. I have lost almost 6 figures in multiple projects because they have all turned out to be scams. Defi equals scam


  15. "I hate safemoon" yet youve made 3 safemoon videos in the last 2 days. You dont care about crypto or the holders, its all about the ad revenue or you would stop rambling about safemoon.

  16. People stayed like myself because when you are so far down and you keep on hearing exchange is coming at the end of dec and you are a couple months away and then you find out people are arrested and then it goes even further in the rabbit hole you shake your head . The lies and the things Papa and John did free them hell no … The government should make an example and put them away for as long as they can .. I learned alot .. spent all of the money to get into the billy club wow going to take yrs to recover and hopefully I can.. good day to all

  17. Atlas room looks like it smells like salami and pickles. Moon boy, yes! we were all drunk on the safemoon KoolAid

  18. I’ve lost 20 k waste of 2022 for me this safemoon shit got people hating on me

  19. I didn't like Greek Defi Guru before but I've kind of softened on him after his recent videos around SFM. Didn't like he just went from shilling to dropping them without a word – he didn't speak up to his community at that time as far as I am concerned. But he came up with good advice – that let the project prove themselves to you and not the other way round – let them earn your respect and trust. I suppose it's good advice in any situation. Think being burnt by SFM and Brian Legend got him thinking hard. Respect to him at least for that. Problem is most people just got hooked in and didn't use their rational side to make decisions. They were too gripped in the fever, hype and emotions..

    This was not helped by the Youtubers, some who shilled so hard telling them to buy the dip and DCA on the way down, and calling SFM a "blue chip" – can there be anything more stupid or dishonest than to call a crypto, let alone SFM a blue chip? I sincerely hope those who shilled like this are brought to account, and the SFM team – all of them in the "senior" positions face justice too. You cannot work in that environment and see John and Papa with their cars, and mansions and 180 turn in their lifestyle without having suspicions at least, and cannot smile and continue on when literally nothing was being delivers, the communication sunk to nothing, no speak to the allegations ever came out and SFM did nothing but work behind close doors effectively. But continue regardless they continued to work for, and push the brand, and frankly made them complicit in my opinion. Oh, and lets not forget Ben Phillips too and others involved in the pump and dump.

  20. Bro you’re toxic and a clout chaser. You clearly said you wouldn’t report on anything SFM related other than the court hearing. Leave it alone, don’t crucify him because he believed in a project.

  21. Drip Network 1/25/22 144.95 , today 0.01, What happened Round Table ? Where did it go ? Wheres the video ? What happened to the money under your pyramid scheme ? Its a good thing you live out of the country …… They're still coming for ya …. did you really think you could play a victim and get away with your Drip Network fraud ?

  22. You made good money on that Drip Network scheme, didn't ya…….. thats a big dump, 144.25 down to 0.01, and you still show your face on Youtube ? Bold and brasin, like John Karony and Arjay……..

  23. Dude you're the first crypto youtuber I've enjoyed since 2021. I've subbed ❤

  24. Where's Safemoon Knight lmao. Maybe he'll become the Squidgrow Joker

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