SafeMoon HUE – Puzzle DONE in 2022

laatste update: 09-2022

The SafeMoon community is rallying together on social media platforms to help promote SafeMoon in a subtle new way. Thus is born SafeMoon HUE.

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30 gedachten over “SafeMoon HUE – Puzzle DONE in 2022”

  1. I changed my picture to show support on both Twitter and Discord for this.

  2. Mother of good gracious god! They could just asked to change color. Accept it or not, that puzzle was a fckng waste of time. You cant blame the fud coming after safemoon because of this kind of shit.

  3. Everyone remember, this was hyped up by the community and in no way endorsed by official SM team.

  4. Honestly, one thing to learn from these hype promos is to always expect the least most exciting outcomes. I almost rather just completely pay no attention to these anymore and if they release something amazing, then get excited.

  5. In your desire to "be the first one to call it", you were one of the one's to hype it for hopeful recognition and views. The let down is that it made you look silly. Be patient, things are moving along, and the team is committed. Stop hoping for some magical reveal. Love your dedication to the army, it WILL pay off at the end.

  6. Ive been a holder for a very long time march/ april . Tbh this has pissed me off. Blockchain n exchange were due in December. It's time for the rabbit out of the hat trick. Long term 100% hodl. But. For new investors, this is as u said a anti-climatic.

  7. these wannabes part of the “ managing community” are destroying this project..

  8. ENOUGH of the riddles and clues and buzz words.. 🙄 I have a job and no time for this childish nonsense. Put out products and use cases. Real world investors don't invest for fun, we invest for progress. ENOUGH of this NONSENSE!!! 💎🤲

  9. Things like this are why people don’t take SafeMoon seriously.

  10. What a waste of time. I'm tired of this bs. We need our blockchain and exchange. Just a decending triangle until then..

  11. What the fck is safemoon hue??? Who gives a 💩. Wen exchange, wen blockchain????

  12. I’ve been SafeMoon Teal (exactly the correct Hue) from day one ☝️ I’m happy with my Teal level 😃 🔬 😉👌🏻 Thanks Atlas – you committed to solving the riddle and we got there 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻

  13. *People will be kicking themselves in few weeks if they miss the opportunity to buy and invest in bitcoin while Felix Hartmann is till there for them to start investing.*

  14. People need to get a grip. It came from a “Moderator” fgs!🤦‍♂️

  15. This is ABSOLUTELY NONSENSE! I think the SAFEMOON Devs are treating us like children!!!

  16. This was one of the lamest thing I have seen from the SFM community… not your coverage, but bringing up investors hopes for nothing just creates more FUD than ever. Keep up the good work

  17. What they * should * have done instead: skip the blanks, give us the message, make the massage say: please change your social media picture to the safemoon logo, if enough of us all do it, it will cause questions, putting safemoons name in people's mouths. Similar to when people put opaque flags on their pic to show solidarity with whatever entity.

  18. What a let 👎 down. I like SafeMoon but these games of hyping in my opinion silly stuff is tiring for me. Bah

  19. A color change is hardly the way to go to light up social media especially as the brand palette was already unique and eye-catching. What next numerous pirate chain style song remixes

  20. They come out with these promos to take the attention off of them not fulfilling promises made to the community and investors. Honestly im getting kinda tired of it. Just going to close my eyes and open them in 5 years. ✔

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