SafeMoon Holders Get COMPENSATED! Safe Moon V2 Address FOUND! SAFEMOON NEWS TODAY!

laatste update: 05-2022

SafeMoon Holders Get COMPENSATED! Safe Moon V2 Address FOUND! SAFEMOON NEWS TODAY! Safemoon CEO talked with Bitmart and Safemoon holders will be getting reinbursed. Safemoon holders had a hard weekend and knowing that safemoon bitmart holders are being compensated will secure the worry. Safe Moon V2 address has been found and many safemoon holders are waiting on word about V2. Safe Moon v2 will be released very soon and safemoon holders are expecting it before the end of the month.

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  1. #Whadayaknow I will admit when I first bought Safemoon, I thought it was just a neat gimmick. The more I learned, though, I've become more and more bullish. The night of the hack, I was in a crypto Discord and someone said there was worry that a cascade of panic sells could drain the LP and kill the whole project. I'm not even sure if that was even remotely close, but I did have my first hint of doubt. But then I have seen the community rally and now nearly that entire dip is gone. I feel very good about our future and can't wait to see where we are in 6 months.

  2. #whatdoyouknow I think long term that safemoon will change the face of cryptocurrency. What little we know about how much is going on behind the scenes of all the projects going on, what we do know is exciting. I believe in the project.

  3. I don't think Rob understood how many safemoon holders were also hero holders. He lost my respect with his dumb a$$ comment.

  4. #whadayaknow the fire of Safemoon is very bright! Everything we have seen hasn’t changed the vision of the product which will be massive! I took this as a rare opportunity to buy at that low price point. I also believe it’s current price is low for the level of innovation coming.

  5. I've Safemoon and Bonfire . And Bonfire gets a new release on the 17th of December its doing better by miles but hopefully they all do well

  6. Hey Joe, #whaddayaknow -moving forward im STILL bullish. Always have been. Yeah I left Twitter…but I’m still out here watching. Holding. Waiting. We’re going to the moon bro. No doubts. I work at the post office and I have almost half my maintenance department invested. We are all on a 5 year walk out together plan. Safemoon Joe let’s goooooo!

  7. #whatdoyouknow first that shirt is killer and in my size 😎 However for Safemoon, to see each obstacle that has come our way since we launched be overcome and all the upcoming plans still be on the way is exactly why I’m a hodler and for the long term. Safemoon is the future! Shoutout to all my fellow Safemooners, our average Joe, and of course our CEO John! Fingers 🤞🏻

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