SafeMoon – FIRST Bankruptcy Hearing Recording

The latest update on the court case with SafeMoon and their bankruptcy.

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19 gedachten over “SafeMoon – FIRST Bankruptcy Hearing Recording”

  1. I thought John was Cia and didn't make mistakes. 😂

  2. Can’t believe they say ‘god save USA’ over there, playing favourites with certain religious beliefs in the judicial system of all places. Never knew this was a thing.

  3. I lost like 25k

    But I’m happy if John goes away for 45 years

  4. Damn this is a jumbo up mess. No one really knows what’s going on.

  5. If safemoon was a car they just took john out of it someone will buy safemoon llc

  6. Safemoon is not John's assets!!! That money belongs to customers… not debtors, employees or John. Why are we paying scamsters?

  7. Safemooners were participants in a cult like Scientology now crying wolf

  8. Well, based o. Those info, the company does not have to liquidate over 20 millions to pay up debtors. Who pays for legal counsel of that chapter 7? They could let the project be decentralized. Office in Miami does not generate funds. There was gross negligence. And she said negative comments prevent her from revealing the identity of employers? If that is a private entity, then they worked for investors. If public, which they were not, they are, by law, ought to be known to the public’. That attorney is not prepared, they try to rush something.

  9. Johns cell mate said "oh John cried alittle at first, but now He's a good wife."

  10. I just wish i could see the look on ScumbagSimon's face when all this went down

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