1. Even with the current dip in crypto
    currency’s, I’m still glad I can smile 😊 back at my portfolio of $64,200 built from my trade, I’m having my fourth withdrawal in 14 business days😊

  2. We’re in a bear market for who knows how long. If Safemoon makes it through the bear market then we will all be better for it.

  3. Its natural to see so many investors panic amid a worsening bearish market but it is also important to note that the market situation is nothing new in the crypto world.Several factors are driving negative sentiment in the stock and crypto markets right now including inflation, a shaky stock market, rising interest rates, and recession fears. As a result, bitcoin has dropped significantly from its all-time high, breaking below several key technical levels. As a crypto investor, the current situation might seem bleak. However, there are several tried and tested, expert-suggested investment strategies that can help you weather the current crypto storm. In 2 weeks of shorting and trading with signals directly from Shirley Bagshaw, I have been able to accumulate 11 btc despite the state of the market.

  4. The fact SafeMoon isn’t on the major exchanges is a giant red flag, notes Jeremy Britton, CFO of Boston Trading Co, a crypto investment fund. “The exchanges have done their due diligence and found the project lacking. Ignore the experts at your own risk,” he says.

  5. I did a numerology reading on the name SafeMoon if I knew its "" Birthday then I would have a better reading for it but all in all it's (( SAFE )(

  6. Swing traders will disagree with you and its not gambling its easy to predict ups and downs, and your going to lose your ass in real estate because I guess you don't know how the bubble is popping in the real estate market.

  7. Bit of a straw man isn’t it? The people saying safemoon was scammy were criticising the activity and background of the founders, not trying to predict the market nor saying it would go to zero by x date. And no one on the safe moon side really had any good defence to the points made by those groups, not any of the bull accounts on YouTube nor in the various bull twitter live discussion groups I saw unless I missed something. It could triple in market cap and still have been used as a personal piggy bank by the founders

  8. 2022 crypto price now should be in every
    wise individual list, in some weekly time
    you will be ecstatic with decision you made today

  9. The smartest token in the world is Web3 Spark SPARK3, the first token that controls itself and not by owners or anyone else.

  10. I am not interested in those coins anymore, there are much better and safer altcoins like Web3 Spark SPARK3.

  11. "e-business" YouTuber essentially plays your entire video while saying bad things about you, mostly that you're "the new SafeMoon Joe". Just letting you know, that's gotta be a copyright issue at least? #SafeMoon

  12. All I heard a lot of bull shits from these YouTubers about Safemoon to the moon! To hell is more correctly! Safe moon is All bull shits! I lost over 90% of Safemoon investment after 2 years! These cons on YouTube have no shame or any morals at all

  13. False, I predicted bear market, voyager, and Celsius. 95% of the people involved in this market have absolutely no idea what they are doing. Including you. Safemoon is beyond dead.

  14. I used to trust Safemoon. I was invested since day one. So much volitility with the company and so many promises absolutely broken . I was a massive defender when BitBoy would slam them aand regret that . Karoney should leave as CEO and let someone more competent take the reins. I still am invested but not as much as I once was. I had to face my friends that I begged to invest back in the day because I was super pumped about this once great token . Karoney please step down if there is any hope for Safemoon .

  15. Wait and see onces safemoon unique blockchain comes out 😉. and the other projects 😉. Jonh is 100% legit and trustworthy. that a few of the old team were not legit!? probably! but they're gone. Jonh is the son of 2 highly CIA agents etc. Safemoon 🚀🚀🚀

  16. To be honest, if you look at the last 1 year chart, Safeblast has been the best performing token. It really is the best investment right now.

  17. Oh no, safemoon failed. Let's try real estate and influence over there instead.

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