SafeMoon Creators AMA Reddit, Everything You Need To Know About This New Cryptocurrency

ama with safemoon devs, very good convo, a lot of trust in these guys

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  1. Hello. I tried to contact the team on fb but no answer. Something strange is happening. I have about 65000000 safemoon token. This afternoon that the price was lower the value in usd was 590.84….At the moment that the price went up I have only 483.71!!! I have screen safer which prove what I say. Please I need an explanation

  2. Awkward silence cause you guys are fucking scammers. Thankfully I didn't lose my cash (I made a whopping $70) because I figured it out quick.

  3. 42:00 CEO of Safemoon has no affiliation with safemoon. Hmmm. Multiple LP's…Slippage.

  4. 41:20

    At first, I assumed he just misspoke about their other locked liquidity pool, but I noticed his buddy (bottom right) simultaneously covered his mouth with his hand, which I found to be oddly-timed considering the fact that, when we hear lies or deceit, we're likely to attempt to cover our mouth… body language 101.

    Multiple unlocked LP's (at the time of this AMA) would imply that he has more than one "moon" in the works. Like another copy (16:35). Like Safemars…

    ICANN data for and show they have the same registrar, host and were created on the same day. is linked on and also has the same registrar and host. The sites even look to be made with the same template.

    What happens? They convince you to use Pancakeswap to swap BNB for a meme coin and then you can't swap back for BNB… no matter what excuse they give in the comments. These solutions are just meant to string you along, and they'll eventually blame you for doing the transaction incorrectly even though it is designed to steal from you. They even change contract addresses.

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