This video goes over the latest hints and information to uncover what Safemoon is really working. Safemoon Connect!!!

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This video does not encourage you to buy any of the cryptocurrencies / or investing at all. This is just the opinion of an amateur, not a financial advisor. Before investing in cryptocurrency, I recommend talking to your financial advisor and do your own research.

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30 gedachten over “SAFEMOON CONNECT DISCOVERED!!!”

  1. First time watched safemoon Tim’s video. A lot better and informative than many other safemoon youtuber with many more subscribers and views. Others just read out some redit posts and Tweets. This is a proper research. Thanks Tim.

  2. bought 3 weeks back at 0.0000062 now at 0.0000030 and every payed youtuber is saying to the moooon (like a cow) to the moooooon.mean while everybody is selling out.jack shit to the mooon hahahaha

  3. You should link the articles you use in the videos in the description. Great video by the way!

  4. Could this be so big it ties in to what Q has been talking about for 5 years now with everyone calling it a conspiracy just how big is this project all these groups are working on Quantum computers Quantum Phones reset of our financial system lord knows what else.

  5. I wanna be here in the comments when this blow up. I will update u guys when i bought a lambo!

  6. Wow. Really impressed with Safemoon Tim’s research. That was deep. Now, regarding the intro… it sounds almost perverted… lol

  7. I see a lot of my posts were deleted linking to the real secret. Interesting

  8. holy crap! im sure i seen that tesla is bringing out a phone!

  9. Because You Figure this our Right, I Subscribe in your Youtube Channel, thank you Tim keep up the Very Good Work, Safemoon to the Moon

  10. Oh my goodness……. This could be it…… Financial freedom……

  11. ur a savage for this video always bringing the real …thanks

  12. we all know it's very hard to trust but at least you can see so many testimonies of investors making money online I am saying this with the experience I get from Mr Andy Smith it's a very good man since I have been trading with him I have never hear of his client complaint for lost I think is the key to crypto is so trustworthy

  13. Let the record show that 4 months later, 4/13/22, safemoon connect is still MIA

  14. Even though this is from November 2021 it remains just as relevant.
    Your videos are the best.. 💕

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