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In this video we discuss about Safemoon and the latest updates! With a spice of ta


Safemoon’s Wallet


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  1. I agree it looked like a rug pull, and I had suspicions about Block Busters when they closed the pre sale buy in. I am not investing in anything with a pre-sale because it always does this. It is always bought up by pump and dumpers who just want a quick buck and don’t really believe in the project. They should outlaw pre-sales for this reason, imho.

  2. Agreed. The BBTF launch did not go well and was harmful to the Safemoon brand which markets itself as trying to be safest in DEFI. Not a good look. Hopefully wasn't seen by too many.

  3. Dude you consider price alerts and qr code scanning huge updates?!?! You are losing credibility and my attention.

  4. Dude I’ve literally lost so much money on safemoon I refuse to buy any more 2 mill coins an daily it’s going backwards

  5. Anything SAFEMOON is involved in seems to have problems. Purchased $200 of blockbuster 8-5-22 11:22 AM got 1000 blockbuster token worth $2.00. should have gotten 20- 30,000 tokens WTF!

  6. Bunch of greedy crying bitches, they are fixing the issues so chill yourselves

  7. Bought $3500 of SAFEMOON 4-20-21. Lasted about a week
    before beginning of death plunge. Have not seen anything close to original investment.
    4 to $500 is what I have left from $3500. SAFEMOON gonna pull their heads out of a hole.
    I feel like I got screwed by
    SAFEMOON. Make it right or f-off.

  8. Safemoon holders were the targeted group for block busters. It had little hype outside of safemoon and used safemoon holders as fodder for a quick buck. The "project" was shown to be technically incompetent the first hour. Don't be scammed again by safemoon.

  9. Big gains coming from SafeMoon! Add as much as you can now before you miss out!

  10. Its not Rug Pull, Its Honey Pot. No need to apologize, people critics ypu are working for BBTF and Don which full of Shit. There Hands Caught inside the Cookie Jar by SAFEMOON, They own the BOTS they plan this from the Begining, The BOT Sell $1.5M worth or Token With a little to less GAS FEE, but We the Investor Canot SELL on top Because of the SUPER HIGH GAS FEE

  11. You guys gonna regret not getting in on BlockBustersTech

  12. Check out More token on eth it was launched by a crypto YouTuber today. Still very early he has other successful coins also. Price is $2 total supply 22 million. Big gains.

  13. SafeMoon holders complain too much,u have no idea of how big SafeMoon will be….sell ur bag if u can’t wait…you are pressuring a 1year old project what do u expect…u guys just want to cash out…we don’t need u to comment here..join another project nonsense

  14. Havent seen much of the Safemoon Army…I think they retreated

  15. hello – i'm planning to "diversify" my passive investments and try eToro copy trading as an additional option. Assuming I've done my due diligence and copy trading a long term investor, any thoughts if it will work as a passive investment?

  16. More profit to me, all thanks to an experienced trader Mr. Roland Evans for his time and support to make me become who I am today. What about you?

  17. Jwk then why say "it looks like a rugpull" when you had 0 knowledge on what happened. Very irresponsible to create that fud. Do better before making a video. There was IMMENSE volume which disabled the distribution wallet. Last night LITERALLY EVERY HOLDER was airdropped tokens at launch price. Unbelievable! Don Bailey the ceo is top notch. The team did an unbelievable job. I was gunna sell but not now this team can be trusted

  18. Wallet seems like the only thing they can produce 🤦🏽‍♂️

  19. Yo!
    Love your channel and I had a question? Why does 1st swap charges say 32%?

    Shouldn’t it say 16% first at the buy and then state another 16% later on once it’s sold?

  20. I fight to stop people from being taken by pump and dumps. This son of safemoon was a festering sore of a token. The only thing holding this garbage up was the LP buys. Now the lawsuits will eat all the money. Who is applying to work at BBTF with this outright gruesome history?

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