SafeMoon CEO – Pleads NOT GUILTY

The latest update on the court cases with SafeMoon.

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13 gedachten over “SafeMoon CEO – Pleads NOT GUILTY”

  1. lol tngsystems has some mad hater energy going on why would a man take a plead deal if he wants to prove his innocence.😂

  2. Didn't Thomas get more money out of safemoon, because he was part of the team line?

  3. If people haven’t noticed John’s a compulsive liar and a psycho …he ain’t all there upstairs…this is the Netflix documentary he promised us holders !!!…thanks John

  4. Not Guilty Plea? Oh boy . . . that's how you get a maximum sentence. Not a smart move.

  5. Not guilty? Well, he was gonna go for a long time. He's got nothing to lose or gain. The reason he did that is because it's crypto and he knows there is no real proofs. Even the blockchain can be anyone. His legal counsel places a lot of stress(burden of proofs) on the governments. That means, the government must prove beyond reasonable doubt that John was the actor behind the accusations.

    Oh boy. We can wait and see. Forensic analytics must bring their A game, and that means the government must invest a lot of money to hire these people. At best, they will say "more than likely that wallet belongs to John." And that is not good enough for a criminal case. It must be BEYOND REAOSANABLE DOUBT. Like, IT MUST BE PROVEN THAT JOHN WAS THE ACTOR. Thomas Smith will be a crucial piece on his conviction. But Thomas took a lot of money. So, I do not see this playing out well for the government because they cannot go after Thomas after offering him a deal to testify against John, which I am sure they did.

    This can be huge. If he was not stealing, that'd be a power play. Where does he get all these monies to hire these smart lawyers? Public defenders don't give a shit. So, tracking these monies is also key. The old contract will be analyzed line by line. Goddamn it. I love a good legal showdown, but these technologies make it hard because of anonimity.

  6. His counsel is telling him to plead not guilty. There's a reason for that. Any attorney worth his salt wouldn't fight a case this big to lose. Good chance he's got a strong case and innocent till proven guilty means he has the advantage…

    There a reason why we don't have mob rule in this nation.

    If he's innocent… I can imagine how everyone is going to feel. People will go crazy and safemoon will be reborn like a Phoenix. It will show John may be an asshole but he tried to fight for his project.

  7. Whats funny is john karony said in discord that safemoon isnt a security but in court hes saying it is LOL

  8. This is what I've been waiting for. To have the Govt. Disclose the background information surrounding SafeMoon. As to the group that controls and is building SafeMoon.

    Because clearly…Karony doesn't call the shots. His CEO position is a mere figure head position. Karony's isnt smart enough to run SafeMoon. And the businesses that are being built. Which is why…Karony is subject to an NDA…Non-Disclosure Agreement.

    Now that Karony is arrested…all NDA's are not applicable. He'll have to disclose the company that's behind creating SafeMoon and the Web3. And he will…because he will be going to jail. And the only way he can prevent it. Is to disclose everything.

    And that company behind the scenes. That's funding everything and calling the shots. Appears to be UNIZEN!! A crypto/blockchain… Tech-Incubator!! Located in London!!


  9. Hey Crypto Atlas!!!

    Regarding Orbital Shield….that you heard some people say it went down. But now…after you said that. Other people are saying it's still working!!

    Mr. Atlas!!! You can just repeat rumors. YOU NEED TO…VERIFY THINGS!!! VERIFY!!!

    Goodness Gracious!!


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