SafeMoon CEO | MORE New Ideas

The CEO of SafeMoon brainstorms a new idea with the community.

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DISCLAIMER: This is NOT financial advice. I am NOT a financial advisor. Everything I’m sharing is my own opinion, my own research and I HIGHLY encourage you to go do your own research.

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30 gedachten over “SafeMoon CEO | MORE New Ideas”

  1. It's nice coming here to know what's trending daily, however bitcoin Halving countdown just started and it will be wise we grow our portfolio ahead of time. So far day trading has brought me a lot of profits under Daron Cheston's guidance… Within 6 weeks, I managed to accumulate a total of 8.6 btc trading with my initial 0.9 btc……..Please don't sit back and wait for the market to skyrocket, before you get your hopes up again….

  2. Putting up a new shiny toy to distract everyone from the fact nothing promised in past ever achieved. Look at my left hand to forget my right hand. Nothing changes

  3. Crypto Atlas!!!

    When are people going to learn….John Karony doesn't run the company. This isn't his idea. And I say this. Because over 2 years ago now. John Karony did an interview with a journalist about Karony..&…SafeMoon. And Karony was asked…

    "Do you have somebod that you answer too. That makes the decisions?" And Karony said…YES!! Furthermore…Karony never even started the company. It was already an existing company in Canada!!

    Furthermore….putting phone, video, chat functions in a banking wallet…the SafeMoon Wallet. Makes it an all in one wallet. WHICH IS EXACTLY…what Elon is doing.

    Karony's supposed idea. Has Elon written all over this. Just like the SafeMoon advertising satellite that Karony admitted that SafeMoon is involved in. And will be advertising it on SafeMoon's Times Square billboard. Which Elons new Starship Rocket should be carrying that Satellite to the moon by the end of the year!! WHICH…

    SafeMoon's clue pictures they use to do. Of the Geiaha in Japan looking at the night sky. There was always a white rabbit in the pics.

    That White Rabbit is from a Japanese children's fable. About this white rabbit and the moon. In Japanese…the name of the rabbit fairy-tale…is also the name of the Japanese company. That's ALSO building an advertising satellite that was to also be launched to the moon.

    Anyway….the more info that Karony leaks out has Elon all over it. Furthermore….for Elon to build out this new all in one App…X. Requires hundreds of Coders to do.

    So where would Karony get the money and office space for several hundred more Coders. Than those already supposedly building the SF Blockchain??

    I mean…the SF Moon office in Utah is a tiny speck!!! Karony isntvdoing this. Karony alreDyvsaid he has a boss. AND…that boss is the massive company called….UNIZEN!! That has a $1billion budge to buildout the WEB3. Which you also hear Karony say SFMoon is part of.


  4. How about….more progress on old ideas….like the card, hardware wallet, exchange and blockchain.

    Another effing' pivot from JK.

  5. He just throwing shit at the wall to see if anything sticks

  6. More good features would be great!! Quality is worth the time!! Idk about that feature in particular but I like that they’re continuing to try and add and make their products better.

  7. I think the entire Crypto field is still recovering from huge setbacks, Safemoon like many other Crypto companies need time to recover. And it must be said that often the ones who complain are the ones who sell the most and then wonder why the value of crypto is going down. especially American investors are really scared and are waiting with horror for different budgets and inflation figures from the authorities, at the same time they are bringing inflation to the crypto world even though crypts were originally developed to buffer economic fluctuations as independent digital currencies.

  8. John needs to be thinking about projects that create value and volume. Video chat in wallet is low value… Safemoon wallet doesn't need to be another "X"… Elon has that covered

  9. Would it make a huge impact if SafeMoon released the exchange, blockchain etc when the market is down and will be down for a while. I say it would be best to release them when the bull run is near. Your opinion

  10. Thanks for the content, man! But we don't need new ideas, we need delivery on existing promises! Simple.
    I'll watch my investment go to zero…if I must. What I won't do is get hyped up and send John and his team anymore of my hard earned liquidity.

  11. Safe moon to the moon just have to have patience and stop your fuding

  12. Sounds like you’ve given up on SafeMoon. Glad I sold at a $15,000 loss. John can take a D to the deep

  13. Thank you for your video. I am still Bullish on Safemoon, in spite of the delays and redirect junk… You are right on the money as are many others….Get the Exchange released in the European Union already. Get the Blockchain released everywhere. Get the SAfemoon Card out and in use ASAP. BTW SEC Chair Gensler is losing his court cases against Coinbase, Ripple, so badly that he is going to focus on Artificial Intelligence, what a joke that is. It's important for the entire Crypto Market here in the USA. Assuming Safemoon releases in the European Union as expected than as the US Market again opens (banking and financial on/off ramp-wise), and it will eventually, that just makes Safemoon's position that much stronger in the US, based on success in the European Union. Totally agree with your (Crypto Atlas) thought process on opening attack vectors making the Safemoon Wallet less safe by trying to do too much….just a successful wallet, with ongoing "Tokenomics" and Cryptonomics is the game changer for Safemoon. They don't need to do anything else, just get the darn promised products released, at least in the EU, before $SFM #V2 looses yet another zero. Just the release of the Safemoon Exchange in the EU will drop two or three zeros off the price, within 3 to 4 months after the release, then everything gets real exciting real fast…..I will keep hodling for that future date, just wish it would happen this year!

  14. Another day closer to SafeMoon being one of the top gainers soon!

  15. Anyone else get a random $1500 BTCB nft on their Safemoon wallet? Y’all know what that’s about? Thanks

  16. Love your videos keep up the grind! Been watching your videos for a while.

  17. It's funny how they have all these new ideas. But they can't accomplish what they were supposed to two years ago.

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